Pick Pockets!

The squirrel shirt says design placement right. It is actually on the left if you are wearing it and it is the left side of the shirt.

In the shirt industry, the design placement is stated as you’re looking at the shirt. Weird but that’s the way it is.

The Design placement for the Fox Pocket shirt is listed as “Centered”.

I am thinking this is not correct.

Perhaps someone got a little “copy-and-paste” happy with the descriptions?

Good eye; should be updated soon.

and we are good here people. just move along.

Love the idea of this event. How do they decide which ones are offered in a tank and which in a tee?

I would be all over the sloth one if it was available in a tank. Or rather, it would be over me.

Will these shrink? I’m on the outskirts of L and XL. Everytime I buy a large it shrinks, but if I order an XL it never shrinks. I’d like to get XL and wash in hot and dry on high heat to get it to shrink a little. I’ve got 2 in my cart but won’t pull the trigger yet.

Ordered two different designs from same event. Looks like they were fulfilled as two separate items.
However only received one of them, and the tracking info for the other item also says that it was delivered.

Have contacted Woot, but have yet to hear from them. There is no way to phone and talk to a live person?

Unfortunately we do not have a support hotline.

We’re sorry to hear that you’re possibly missing a portion of your order.

Woot Member Services should return your inquiry soon.