Pick up a Printer!!

I don’t
recommend Lexmark for anyone.
We have a MX312dn (a slightly cheaper version of MX511de) and have had nothing but problems. The software is so buggy that the following happens,
1-the printer just doesn’t work, no printing or scanning from your computer control. usually the driver has mysteriously disappeared but sometimes you can’t figure it out and have to reinstall.
2- the computer says no connection, no matter what you want to do, reinstall.
3- The ink counts down to 1 copy and then won’t print another thing until you change it, nevermind that the copy more than 100 before this magical time is exactly the same quality as the last one, you paid for 2000 pages and that’s all you are going to get!
4- the settings for printing change randomly, you better check the settings before you print those 50 statements because now it has decided you want to print on BOTH sides of the page (seems to be the default) and you are going to have to do it over.
All of these things have happed with multiple computers, multiple times, in fact my wife’s company had similar problems with a similar model. This isn’t the entire list but you get the idea.
Never again, in fact the printer (when it works) is still serviceable but we have already decided to replace it.

I Might be wrong but the Lexmark MX511de is cheaper on Amazon right now. its $729.99 here but only $672.88 there. Its also cheaper at Staples and Office Depot but at $699.99. Why Woot, Why!