Pick Up the Phone and Call Someone

The Panasonic 3 phone was being sold on a special sale on television for $89.99 and $49.99 for 1 extra base & phone.

We purchased the 4 phone model , exactly the same here for $49.99. We’re having no problems with it. The phone offers a cellular phone connection to it for 2 cellulars. I just need to hook it up easily. It also HSS an address book with room for 3500 phone numbers. This is a no brainer, buy it if you need a new setup. It takes regular batteries also.

Could you guys PLEASE sell a two line phone??? that’s what I really need!!

Is there more information available about the celular phone connection? I don’t see anything about that ability in any of the information here…

@mandrews000, that cellular phone/Bluetooth connection info from @MichXelle does not apply to any of these Woot phones shown as of today, Saturday, 8/3 @ 3:30pm eastern time.

You generally won’t find cell pairing capability on these phones until you hit $50 rerfurb and $70-80 new.

Keep watching Woot since the Panasonic ‘Link-to-Cell’ models come up regularly.

Thank you, that’s what i figured!

Do the Motorola handsets have a jack for a headset? The Panasonic does not. Thanks.

The battery on one of my cordless phones died this week, and it will cost about $20 to replace it. For just one freakin’ battery. Geez!

So… good timing Woot.
Anyone know if you can buy two of a system, and use all of the phones (4-6 of them) for one base?

The 3-phone Panasonic is $63 on Amazon. ($70 list.)

The Motorola 3-phone is $73 on Amazon. ($90 list)

No, the Motorola also does not have a headphone jack.

We purchased the phone set in August. 2 weeks after receiving and using the phones there was a sudden and very loud static noise through the handsets. We called our land line phone company, and after inspection they said our land lines were OK. After testing w/ different phone lines and our old phone set, we concluded that the new phone set crapped out.

We’ve been in contact with Motorola customer service since September 2. We have done everything requested of us, and we are still waiting for the return autho. A phone call to the company yesterday ended with a “yes, we have received everything. We are still waiting for the return autho to be issued. You should have it by today (which was yesterday) or tomorrow (still nothing received today).”

Only when we receive the RA can we send back the unit and have a new one shipped out to us under warranty…till then I just wasted $50 on a POS phone set.