Pick Your Favorite Sanyo LED HDTV

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Pick Your Favorite Sanyo LED HDTV
Price: $119.99 - 699.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Thursday, May 01 to Tuesday, May 06) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Product Page for the DP58D33

Reviews from Walmart

Solid reviews on the DP42D23 over at walmart.com and check out the product page

Sure. Good reviews but look how long they’ve had them. 6 months to a year and these were new. Now Google the model numbers and take a look at the thousands of complaints about these things crapping out and Sanyo’s poor customer service when it comes to dealing with these pieces of garbage. They won’t fess up to the poor manufacturing on their end . Don’t plan on getting anything out of Sanyo if the duds go shot on you.

Exactly no one should buy a Sanyo TV they are bottom of the barrel TV’s that use panels and parts other manufacturers reject and won’t use to make their TV’s with. If you compare a Sanyo TV to almost any other TV of the same size the other TV will look better as long as both are sufficiently calibrated.

Usually places like Walmart get a bigger size of profits on TV’s like Sanyo so they specifically calibrate and try to make them look better than others so they sell more crap TV’s

A quick heads up from reading reviews on other sites:

If you’re planning to hook up to an audio system, the larger TV sizes offered here use a digital audio coaxial output, not the standard RCA audio outputs you’d expect.

The manual for the 42" model describes the coaxial audio output.

Digital to analog audio converters are available for not too hefty a premium. The D2A converters will require another AC outlet (adding to the growing power brick collection).

Seen these in person. My buddy has one.

They look good. No idea about reliability/longevity though.

The price isn’t very good either. I was just looking @ TV’s at walmart this weekend, and I could swear they had better prices than this…and the TV’s were new. What happened to woot? Every product used to be a great, deeply discounted quality item. Now most products are ‘meh’, as are the prices. I don’t know why I even waste my time looking.

I’m guessing that the one labeled “SPDIF” means “optical,” but SPDIF includes both coaxial and optical (TOSLINK) connections, so calling one “coaxial” and the other “SPDIF” is not clear.

I’m not sure that I have a favorite Sanyo LED HDTV.

I would strongly suggest to hold off on purchasing these TVs!

I bought the 40" a little over a year ago from Woot. The picture looks great but, the sound from the speakers went bad. I bought a sound bar hoping to compensate but the none of the sound outputs on the TV worked.

I called SANYO about the issue but since it was refurbished they said I had to go to an authorized repair center which was in PA. I live in the border area between North & Central Jersey which is pretty densely populated.

Those very same repair shops have really multiple reviews with strong warnings that they will more than likely take your money but are not capable to repair your set.

I called a really good local repair shop by me and described the sound issue and they said to buy a new TV. It wasn’t worth the repair cost.

Lesson learned, don’t buy a refurbed SANYO product.

I second Carfanatic’s statement. My sister bought one from… Walmart. We took it to her house, I spent a lot of time trying to calibrate it so it wouldn’t look so dull and lifeless. It was to no avail. She took it back the next day and got a Vizio instead which is a much better tv.

In case you are considering using the 24 & 32 inch TV’s as dual-purpose computer monitors - note that those two models have 1366 x 768 resolution. Not a good match for a computer in spite of their VGA ports.

Where did you get this information?


Well, since Vizio is generally disposable crap, these must be really bad!

Thanks for saving me $119 brother!
I was going to buy this for a PC monitor but now I think I will keep looking.

Hey WOOT photographers, could you try doing a simple face picture of the remotes when you put TV’s up?

Might be minor to some people, but I love having a dedicated sleep button instead of stepping through menus when I am trying to go to sleep

Oh I dunno - I’ve got an older Vizio 37" that I bought as a refurb about six years ago and it still works great. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky.

For most TVs, we don’t receive samples and must use vendor-supplied art.

That said, I see photos of most of the remotes in the photo gallery to the right of the main photo on the sale’s detail page.