Pickled Pink Foods Variety Pack (6)

Pickled Pink Foods Variety 6-Pack
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$45.99 $68.00 32% off List Price
Pickled Pink Perfectly Pickled Peaches, 16 oz. Jar
Pickled Pink Spiced Watermelon Pickles, 16 oz. Jar
Pickled Pink Sweet Gourmet Pickles, 16 oz. Jar
Pickled Pink Gourmet Jalapeno Pickles, 16 oz. Jar
Pickled Pink Smokin’ Okra, 16 oz. Jar
Pickled Pink Sweet Heat Jalapeno Pickles, 16 oz. Jar

“With just enough heat…” “…with just a little heat…”

What, we can’t enjoy the flavor of any food now sans peppers? I’m so tired of every darned thing having to have some form of peppers added to it. Peaches are too boring on their own?

At least they resisted the impulse to pepperfy the watermelon pickle, but peppers in everything else makes this not even worth trying out; not at that price.

This woot gourmet stuff is complete horse grap.

The products all say Gluten Free but carry the warning that they are produced in a factory that processes wheat. That means a high likelihood of cross contamination and it is important for Celiacs to avoid these products. I despise when a vendor states that their product is “Gluten Free” when they know that a person could suffer if eaten with that assumption.

Boy howdy do I agree. I miss the wine and there has not been one thing I want.

Don’t give them any ideas. I don’t want to see gourmet guano and picked poop when eating my breakfast.

Pickled is hot right now. good for you. naturally gluten free.

we enjoyed them. the pears are firm and pickled, a really unique taste.

hey, please let us get our sea legs on this new cadence in gourmet.

You must really enjoy throwing money away on really overpriced garbage.

BFH. I love not having to remember whether it’s Thursday before looking to see if there’s something worth buying here.


Now how did they get home without their keys? Story’s full 'a holes