Picnic Essentials Pack

Picnic Essentials Pack
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High Stakes Picnic Table
Getaway On-the-Go BBQ Kit

I too, often take a full set of BBQ utensils on a picnic to go with an ankle high “table” to hold a piece of cheese.

I think they need to rethink this into either a BBQ kit, Or a picnic kit.

Some parks and resorts have public bbqs and picnic areas. Maybe they are looking at something like that.

Those places often have tables as well.

I kinda get the table stake thing is a wine glass holder (if you’re picnicking on the grass, finding a place for your winde is not always easy) but the BBQ tools make no sense and add bulk.

I agree. I was totally going to buy this, I really like the idea of the wine glass table, but the BBQ utensils are just a disconnect.

I see what you all are getting at. But, if they aren’t bad quality then I would say that this mash up of two vaguely related sets is worth it. Plus it would work quite nicely with one of those small Weber grills right?

YEah, but then you still need to haul the grill around in another case or box or whatever.
And if I am grilling, what am I carrying it in to cook?? THey dont seem to mention if the bag is insulated, or how big it is, or anything.

The bag has an Insulated cooler compartment