Picnic Month

I wish I could get the “I’m a Humanatarian” in an apron. I’ve been holding out on buying an apron until this one and was disappointed to find out it wasn’t an apron… :frowning:

I’ve never had a BLT or a PB&J at a picnic. What are you trying to pull here?

Never had PB&J at a picnic?? Have kids? I had that with my kids at the fair just yesterday.

Agreed on the BLT…

I had to get Gonna Make You Lunch. There’s just something about those headphones on that jelly jar that is too cute.

A things to do with cabbage derby is obviously required before the next picnic season.

Am I the only one who thinks the hot dogs need to go get a room?

I got Splorch as a Random ShirtWoot several years back. I still haven’t been able to bring myself to wear it…

Stop! Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

… and here I am with a copy that’s faded and has a couple holes in it.

Can’t say I’ll be buying a replacement, however (because I have so few Woot shirts, y’know) …