Picnic Time Adventure Wagon

Unless this is for 2 no way, can be found all over for $50-$60.

Google says differently

Check out Ozark trail’s versions of this. I’ve owned one for a year and carry about 60-70 lbs of books & school supplies in it. Works great for less than $50.

I suppose you can opt for the more expensive all-terrain version. Who knows when you might need to take your collapsible cart mudding in the swamps, right?


Dicks Sporting Goods has the Quest version that looks identical (same handle frame and fabric), plus 2 cup holders, for $60+tax. 9 colors available



Same wagon, different brand. $49.87 at Walmart

You guys beat me to it. Get the Ozark brand from Walmart it’s the exact same thing.

I got mine a few years ago believe it was a slick deal for like $30

Everyone at my Marina uses these to haul stuff to our Boats. $50 at Sams-Academy-Walmart!

Costco for $50 or so for equivalent. This is way overpriced.

Purchased two, find them very handy, and fold up to fit in my trunk. Bought two, one for $50 and one for %40 at BJ’s, a buying club like Costco.

How could this ever go up this high and who was dumb enough to buy when they are all over AMZ for 1/2 this price!!?!?!?

Which one is better quality? The Walmart or the Dick’s Sporting Goods?

Is the Dick’s one higher quality and thus a higher price?

Dang Woot, this is horrible. Not even close to a deal, as others have shown.
We have an identical wagon and use it during baseball season (my 2 boys)for hauling chairs, pop up canopy, coolers, bags, etc. Love that it folds up too. Glad I bought it. Glad I didn’t pay this ridiculous price.

Unless this wagon folds out to a pop-up camper that sleeps two this is NOT a deal.

Sam’s, BJs, Costco, Wal-Mart, Dicks & and everywhere else $60.00 tops!

Unless this wagon folds out to a pop-up camper that sleeps two this is NOT a deal.

Sam’s, BJs, Costco, Wal-Mart, Dicks & and everywhere else $60.00 tops!

Wow! Twice as expensive as everywhere else? I am in for two! Thanks woot! for letting Amazon take over and destroying the woot! I love(d). “Google says differently”. LOL… OMG.

So because this wagon can carry 225lbs, and the ones being compared can carry <150lbs, this is supposed to be expensive in comparison? I’ve been looking for something I can carry my 2 kids in that they won’t grow out of immediately, while also being durable enough to withstand them (a couple of small, yet mighty, growing boys), but also something I can use outside of a stroller when they are big enough to walk by themselves without running into the street.

I guess if price is the only factor you’re considering, then go ahead and buy something else. This seems like a good deal to me.

An average 10-year-old boy weighs 70 lbs; a wagon with 150 lb capacity could hold two average 10-year-olds.

Disappointed in Woot here. I have one of these from Costco and it was not more than $60. But still not as bad as the $89.99 MSRP fidget spinner I saw yesterday.

I still check Woot almost every day, but I am buying less and less since Amazon has been involved.