Picnic Time Picnic Tote - 3 Styles

Picnic Time Tote Collection

Sure, it’s primary function is a picnic basket, but it looks like it could easily transform into a great carryon- too bad woot didn’t provide the dimensions of the bag itself. Will it pass the carry on size inspection? The world will never know.

From the Picnic Time website:


15" x 9" x 11"

One feature is a two-bottle beverage section with peek-through for tall bottles.

And not a single photo with bottles. Not here, not on the manufacturer website. That makes me suspect that wine bottles don’t quite fit.

Me thinks you’re right. If the bag is 11" tall and the standard 750ml wine bottle stands about 11 1/2 to 12" tall… well you do the math. Though I guess that’s where the peek through comes into play…

from the woot product page:
(4) 14" x 14" 100% Cotton Napkins

From the manufacturer product page:
2 Napkins (100% cotton, 14" x 14")

does it come with 2 or 4??

I’d like to see a picture of the inside of the other pockets.

I have one and it will definitely work as a carry-on. I think on its side it would fit under a seat.

I am from Picnic Time and can answer both concerns. Yes, it is carry-on sized but has full tang metal flatware that would have to be removed (the knife and fork) to comply with TSA regs. The side wine compartment does hold regular size wine bottles (not magnum) with the tops peeking through the openings. The wine compartment is insulated.