PicoBrew PICO Model C Beer Brewing Appliance, Black

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PicoBrew PICO Model C Beer Brewing Appliance, Black
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A lot of folks get into home brewing for many reasons. A lot like me, like the idea of making great beer for pennies on the dollar that good micro brews cost. Unless I’m missing something… these Pico packs cost @33-40 bucks for a 12 pack of beer. This could be golden pee from the god king zuess himself and I would not pay 40 bucks for a 12 pack.

Confirmed what member above said. Not only you have to order a $30-40 Pico-Pack (which is needed yeast, minerals) that will brew 5L (1.25G), it needs Wifi in order to read what Pico-Pack has (they have barcodes on them so the machine downloads the recepie from their server for this pack). Even if you want to “make your own”, you have to order it from the company.

If you have disposable income and are only mildly interested in the brewing process than this setup would be fine.
As a home and professional brewer though, I see these things as a money suck. I could put together a 2 gallon, all grain, 10%, 100 IBU Imperial IPA recipe for $30. That’s on the high side simply because I chose a high ABV, highly hopped beer.
As for equipment, from kettle to bottle, you could put together an all grain stove/counter top system for $150. Less if you go with “brew in a bag” and skip the water cooler as a mash tun. Granted, my equipment costs don’t include a 1.75 gallon corny keg (about $100).
I’m not trying to dog on this setup but if you have more than a mild interest in brewing then put together your own setup, it doesn’t take much and you learn so much more than watching this machine.

You are indeed missing something, in that there is not a single Pico Pack in the price range you mentioned, let alone that being the norm. The most expensive is $30. Most are in the mid-$20s, and they have frequent sales that bring them to under $20.

But it does make a great straw man to inflate prices by 50-100%, and then object based on price.

Prices generally range from $21 - $30, with one kit currently on sale for $15.

Shipping is $15 for one, which might be where the inflated price estimates come from… HOWEVER, when I added multiple kits to my cart, shipping was free.

It makes about 13 beers. So $20 - $30 / 12 pack isn’t crazy to experiment with all grain homebrew.

It is all grain, which is better quality and a lot harder to make. You can put together all-grain ingredients a lot cheaper, but it is a big all-day pain to make (on a traditional 5 gallon scale).

It would be fun to experiment with new recipes in this uniform system, and you take all of the work out.

The beer is great…2hrs to brew…couple days to ferment…couple days to carbonate but I have forced carbonated…my issue is the lack of proper customer service…i’ve been waiting one month to resolve an issuing with the beer not transferring to the keg…Pico said its due to too much grain in the kit and causing it to clog…but no resolution…they say they are overwhelmed with emails becausd one cant call for support…

At the end of the day it’s true. If you want to brew economically, don’t buy this. If you want to get your feet wet in the hobby though, this is a great price for the unit. The pico packs are kinda like keurig cups where all your ingredients are premixed. You just drop it in and press play. It mashes and brews without much effort from you. After fermentation, you carbonate and enjoy. This is especially great if you have kids or are just time inhibited in some way. All grain brewing can be an all-day process. The down side is not much volume for the effort or expense. If you really want to get into brewing with more autonomy but still haven’t the time, look at picobrew’s Zymatic. No packs. Buy your own ingredients and brew. The newest version is currently half price.


There is a new version out, but like others have said. If you want to homebrew and save money you need a basic brewing equipment kit, not a machine. Check out Homebrewing.com

I bought this when it was first on Kickstarter. I don’t really have the time to put into actual brewing, so this is nice that I can just pop in the picopack and let it go.

Actual brewers aside, 95% of people will be very impressed that you “made” your own beer at home.

How are you getting your feet wet in the hobby if all you’re doing is, essentially, as you say, throwing in a kcup and pressing play? Seems buying a 4-6 pack at the store is equally “getting your feet wet in the hobby.”

This is the Keurig of beer brewing. If you want to start brewing, buy Charlie Papazian’s book “The Complete Joy of Home Brewing” and read it cover to cover. Then, but the basic utensils and a good brew “kit” and make your first ale. Either you will find it too time consuming or you will improve and try new styles with every batch. It’s not difficult, it just requires desire and patience. If you think you are going to brew to save money, think again. Quality beer requires quality (expensive) ingredients.

I’m holding out for the femtobrew system

Where are you pricing at? I looked at the first 3 Pico packs I saw on Amazon. Citrus one, 38 bucks, two others I saw slightly cheaper than the first one.

I have had a Pico since the original Kickstarter and since brewed 60+ beers from all over the country and have learned so much about what it takes to make a good tasting beer thanks to Pico. The price is not prohibitive if you compare to the price of a 6 pack of craft brewed beer on the shelf. If you drink schlok, well ya it’s not for you. The trade off is fresh beer, and nothing compares to fresh beer. I had never brewed anything before Pico and had no desire to mess with a large home brew situation plus having to go find resources etc. (I live a little out)PicoPaks arrive at my door, I can adjust ABV and IBU on almost any pak, add my own dry hops if desired and have a lot of fun sharing what I make. There is the possibility of creating freestyle paks so it is also a tool for the more accomplished home brewer. Last but not least you will not find better customer service anywhere!!
NO Pak costs 40 dollars! Don’t forget that this machine will also Sous-Vide cook.

NO Pak costs 40 dollars!

This one does on amazon after tax
PicoBrew PPK-49

65 dollars for a rogue dead guy pack

I see you can purchase slightly cheaper from Pico website, but omg that shipping!

Lots of things are WAY more expensive on Amazon than direct from the mfr. This is one of them. If you order direct from Pico, EVERY SINGLE ONE is less than $30, and two or more ship free. The most expensive one I’ve ever bought was $26, and most were under $20 after discounts.

Not slightly cheaper. I bought two Rogue Dead Guy Ales for $17.99 each last week. omg free shipping! And no tax. Total delivered cost $35.98 for two. Even at the regular price, $23.99 is not even remotely comparable to $65.

If this takes off beer companies are going to laugh all the way to the bank.

  1. They talked the consumer into buying their brewing equipment FOR them.
  2. Grains, barely, and Hops are being sold at over twice cost.
  3. User actually does the brewing and all costs involved.
  4. User participates in the brewing process about as much as making a cup of keurig coffee.
  5. but oh yeah… it does souis vide though!

Did anyone actually get the free Pico Pack that was supposed to come with this Referb?