PicoBrew PICO Model C Beer Brewing Appliance

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PicoBrew PICO Model C Beer Brewing Appliance
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Let me know if I am way off base here.
It sounds like this will only function with an accepted RFID tag/bag from the manufacturer. Said tag/bag is purchased by you when filed from their controlled list of ingredients. Your only controllable variables are wort temp/time and fermentation duration.
You don’t want to mess around with experimentation and measuring and cleaning and timing? This will probably not let you eff things up too bad.
Don’t even think about trying to make a sour, bourbon milk stout or raddler with this thing. Well, you can, but it’s called dreaming.

All that and it does sous vide.

Someone will mention the company was working on refillable kits to add your own ingredients. The kickstarter those were attached to was canceled.

The company does make an appliance which one can use their own bulk ingredients, but they start around $2,000. EDIT - And appear to be “out of stock” as of writing.

And the Z series looks interesting, albeit geared towards restaurants.

You can certainly experiment with this thing! It doesn’t make beer, yeast does that. Think of it as a “wort making machine” - it makes the stuff that gets fermented to make beer. You certainly can make a sour or a bourbon milk stout - after the PicoBrew does its thing, just add lactobacillus or bourbon-soaked oak cubes in the fermenter. For a radler, just use a pilsner PicoPak and add some lemonade before you drink! True, you can’t experiment on your base malts and adjuncts, or mash pH, or the stuff that goes in the boil (although I bet you could swap out the included hops for whatever you want), but there’s still a lot of customization that is available later in the brewing process. I think most PicoBrew owners, though, will be fine with just following instructions.

Can you bottle it and if so, any recommendations? Can’t drink that much beer a night. Lol

Yes you can rack it to bottles if you prefer, the unit has a built in racking option. I rack to my own serving keg (3gal) after brewing two batches and the keg is small enough to keep in the fridge allowing me to drink at my leisure. You can use the included serving keg but its not the best option considering the bung hole.

I have stuck with Coopers DIY beer for over 10 years now and have moved from the plastic 20 oz bottles to 12 oz capped glass bottles. Other than that I make 6 gallons for about $35 too maybe $40 depending on beer choice. I’m not steering anyone away from this set up, I kind of like the keg in the fridge idea but it seems as this may run a bit more in the long run. And I do tinker around with mine adding oranges, cranberrys, blueberrys…use extract! 21 days to open and enjoy. Just an opinion, everyone has one.

You said “bung hole”.

Frugal homebrewers can find extract kits between $20-$25. I’ve refined my brewday process so I can have two 5-gallon brews done in five hours. Three weeks in the fermentation chamber (10CF chest freezer with temp control) and a day of forced carbonation and I’ve got 10 gallons of brew. My fermentation chamber is never empty. Neither is my kegerator. It’s a fun hobby that I can share with my friends and family that doesn’t take up a lot of time (about 10 hours per month).

Amateur :slight_smile:

Yes you can bottle, but kegging is both easier and more convenient, in my opinion.

Yeah, if you want to spend slightly more in the short run, have a low-hassle brewing experience while actually learn how to brew, and save tons in the long run, google “mash and boil”. I bought one of these Pico’s for my dad and helped him brew on it, and it’s really cool, but the cost of these PicoPaks!

Yep…that’s exactly what it’s called.

Thanks for mentioning that, I was looking at the Grainfather and haven’t heard of the Mash and Boil, this looks like a good option for me ant a lower cost when I want large batches. Thanks again kappykirk!

~$200 can get me a lot of beer, 10 cases at least. And good beer, that I know will taste great right now. I think I’ll pass

We have a chain of liquor stores here in the NorthEast called Bunghole Liquors. This one is around the corner from me:



So, correct me if I am wrong, but a pico pak costs almost as much as two six packs, and this thing brews 13 12oz bottles…so why buy it?