Pictures of You

Picture a Day, that you took within the last 24 hours (not a pic you found on the Internet or that someone else took). Weekends and holidays optional. Minimal photoshopping, please; rotation, cropping, resizing, blurring of personal info OK.

That one on the end doesn’t look so happy.

First post!

Not today, not even this year. What ya gonna do about it? Wanna fight?

I thought it was funny. Nobody else has.

The heck with you all!!!

I can post my pictures!!!

Uh-oh, we’ve unleashed a monster!


I think so. Can’t put that Genie back in the bottle now.

What is the sign supposed to say?

The middle line probably means “don’t even think of parking your bicycle here, this is not a bicycle parking lot. if you park your bicycle here, we will put grease on the seat.”

How the hell did you get that from noa tas?

Foreign languages are a tricky thing. Sometimes it takes 50 foreign words to say a two word english sentence. And sometimes it’s 50 english words for a 3 word foreign language phrase. It’s that middle word ‘bicicle’ that has the longest interpretation.

I’ll post my pic of the day here, again. This is the guard goose at work, he usually sits just inside the door. He must have misbehaved last night, as he was in ‘jail’ this morning.

What language is nao tao in?


How manny languages do you speek?

1.3, and that’s above the national average.

I don’t know. Should I send daughter to the restaurant and find out what language the kitchen help speaks? It was outside the kitchen door.

Around your place? Maybe portugese or tagalog?

My pics can’t hold a candle to yours, ma’am.


Some of the names of those candles sound good enough to eat.