Pie(rate) Chart

4% Scurvy? Say No to Scurvy!

Well, at least it’s in plenty of time for Talk Like a Pirate Day.

i enjoy this graphic.

It’s never too late to prevent scurvy. The British sailors earned their ‘limey’ nicknames when they drank lime juice to fight the disease.

Lemons work better. They have more vitamin C.

Now you know. Let’s make sure future pie(rate) charts are free of this senseless blight.

I can’t be the only one bothered by the fact that it doesn’t add up to 100%.

I love this! Pirates rule. I love how it somewhat looks like a pirate too!

I’ve been trying to figure out what the other 9% is. edit I solved it! 9% eye patch! edit #2 Now that I’ve read the write up I realize maybe I should have started with that BEFORE commenting on the shirt. On the other hand, great minds think alike!

Then you’re just not paying attention!

Only 12% Booty? Hardly reflective of the current obesity epidemic.

Am I missing something? That’s only 91% Did find this somewhat humorous though.

doh! like 6 more posts while I was typing

91%… wonder what the other 9% is…

Stupid americans.

Yar, he be downloading pie charts illegally…

I’m not going to buy this shirt, I’m just going to borrow one from someone and make a copy for myself

My chart would be 99% booty

baddum tushhh

I assume the missing eye is worth a couple %

I love the pie chart, but it just doesn’t look right on a shirt. Perhaps it’s just me. XD

Every good pirate is at least 9% eye patch!

Only 12% booty? This pirate sure won’t be popular with Black Beard…

Eye patch.

edit: several others beat me to it… :slight_smile: