Pie(rate) Chart

9% missing
“i” is the ninth letter
i = eye

Patch = to fill

eye patch fills in the missing value

It is a simple case of pirate math people

Those percentages aren’t accurate. 38+12 = 50, which would be half the pie (face). I shall take the role of the outraged party for the evening.

9% Squawk! makes it for me because what’s a pirate without someone to talk to?

“Well, ye blasted fool, did ye not notice that the circle has a great big patch in the center? Aye, lad, and that patch be coverin’ a missin’ 9%, most likely! And don’t ye be feelin’ foolish now?”
from the description arrrr

You ruined this shirt for me. Oh well, sleep time.

I did read the description, I just wouldn’t want to have to explain it to everyone who asked every time I wore the shirt so I would have been happier with another label for it.

Everyone knows a pirate needs a ship and I don’t see one on the chart. Are we talking landlubber pirates?

Wow. Either your mind is incredibly random or you have too much time on your hands! Either way your comments are always entertaining!

This graph is out of date, the new statistics include the Somoli curve equation.

I think 9% of that shirt had to walk the plank.

It should actually be 50/91 of the face, because that is how much of a percentage is represented by the slices.

First shirt purchase for me :slight_smile:

Best write up to Wear this shirt: because you want to laugh at all the mathematicians who’ll add up the numbers and complain while missing the incredibly visible math joke that’s pretty much right in the middle of the shirt. In fact, check out our forums and you’ll probably find some of those people right now! Maybe even on the first page!

I laughed. It’s like Woot has a crystal ball, or something.

Look, I just think Woot needs to quit promoting Pirate exceptionalism. Frankly, they need to quit promoting Ninja pride too. What Woot needs to do is promote peace. I think I have a solution: http://bearfishco.vendder.com/coexist-pirates-and-ninjas

haha, sorry the lack of 100 percent add-up has made some people jump overboard on this shirt’s purchase!

There were actually two reasons/jokes we were going for here and both have been mentioned already:

  1. 9 percent eyepatch!

  2. Pirates ain’t no good at mathimacation, land lubbers!

As for some of the pie slices not matching up to their percentages perfectly, we felt melding the pie colors in a visually pleasing way was more important than aligning to the exact percentages. For instance, the red pie slice is supposed to vaguely look like a sideways pirate hat, as well as the peg leg placed around where the leg might be on a person, the squawk on the shoulder, and the booty…well, I won’t sink as low as our tee does on that front.

Thanks again for the love/indifference!


It seems like a while since we’ve had a pirate shirt, and I for one am glad to have one hear today.

21% rum… the rum is not gone!

I wish it had more Matey in it.

When I mistakenly read the title as Irate Chart, I instantly thought about something overwhelmingly awesome.

And manly.

Love AND indifference. That design is deep man. Like Davy Jones’ locker deep.