yaya pigs


don’t need a pink pig radio even at this price

haha thats amazing

The woot off is over :frowning:

I got a bag-o-crap!!!

wtf mate?

And now the end is near, as so we see, the last item in the woot off…

damn - server broke…

yay, a pig

I got a bag-o-crap!!!

nooooooooooo. Stupid servers, what kind of super mutant connection do you guys have that actually get the BOCs?

wooot is toooo evil!!! i was totally not expecting it!! :frowning:

my page wouldn’t even load!!! BAHHHH

Is the woot-off over?

NOoooo, BoC…

I was totally THERE, I clicked I WANT ONE, chose THREE, and hit SUBMIT all in like 2 seconds… waited… waited…

“Yikes, there’s been a server error. Sorry about that.”

sigh. oh, woot. you make me so frustrated.



Nuts… I was hoping a Screaming Monkey would end the wootoff again… :frowning:

there must have been 20,000 people trying to get that bag of crap!! dangit maybe the next woot-off