What, no pillow talk?

GoshyDang: I’ve a huge query!

Has ANYONE gotten any other pillows recently ordered (last batch available here, likely?)…

Specifically, I ordered a Serta iComfort 2 in 1 Scrunch Gel Memory Foam Pillow …August 7th? (15 to 18 business days ago?)

oh my lordy, i just want that dang pillow so much!

Now, wootyfolks has said they’s looking into it (5 business days ago?) so I’m not hounding nor complaining… just dying aux de curiosity!

Don’t know if any of you folks have ever been seriously ill-- and though I’m loathe to even use those words (because of the usual accompanying drama that chases 'em around?)—

there’s no other way to explain the biggyhuge~massive nut-nut that gets up in your head when it comes to certain things such as this… like: anyyyything to get comfortable!!!

–eh, you know whatta mean. Thanks for the eyes and/or replies!

I have 4 of the SensorPedic Luxury Extraordinaire Gusseted Pillows. They’re quite nice and I like them. They have a chemical foam smell for a while but it has long since dissipated. They smell clean and fresh now.

Only complaint is just preference: they’re thicker than I would have liked, even after smooshing down with your head’s weight. Otherwise, they’re great.

The SensorPedic 80705 Luxury Extraordinaire Contour Pillow is the SAME PRICE at BonTon and JCPenney. $40 at Dillards!!
BAD FORM WOOT (or Amazon offshoot now)!

Ours is a two-pack, I don’t think we labeled that clearly enough- but they should be fixing that.

Are all these pillows rated as “medium” or are there some soft, firm, or extra firm? I don’t see it mentioned in any of the descriptions.