Pillowcases & Duvets

There are no measurements for the king size duvet set.

I’ll email to get them added. Thanks!

Does it close with buttons or zipper? I purchased a zipper bottom Duvet once from Woot loved it have not seen it since.

Button closure. Sorry. :frowning:

Umm, no one is taking issue with the “original” price being listed here? $200 for two pillow cases? Based on my back-of-the-napkin math, that’s $100 per pillowcase. PER. PILLOWCASE.

That’s more than pillowcases made in ITALY are going for on neimanmarcus.com

So while a $5 pair of pillowcases sounds like a darned good deal, I feel like I’d be buying snake oil.

HA! Whoopsies. It’s fixed.

well, on olive and chocolate they are still saying originally $180

I guess because they are named after food they were worth more…