Pillows Are Creeps

Woot, this whole “print an artist right after they got reckoned” stuff is getting a liiiittle creepy now. First Patrick, then Nathan here. What’s next, are you gonna dig up the Nevermore artist?

funny, but not a strong shirt design.

You don’t scare me - I’ll knock the stuffing out of you!

I imagine that this shirt would be less creepy in the daytime. But now, nearing bedtime?


He must be a Chillow, because that’s so creepy, it chills me to the neck!

Nice! Congrats on a new print to replace the reckoned bananas. Always love your designs.

I thought it was a clam.

God I hope not.

And how much more creepy would the shirt be if this was your exact pillowcase design?

I just hope this pillow isn’t made of memory foam or else my sleep habits will be going down in history.

great. just as i was about to go lie down with my head on a pillow. not sleeping well tonight.

And with that note, I will be sleeping without a pillow.

someone planned this…

I like it, could’ve been done more cartoonish… the realism is… scary

Probably not a good choice for an elementary school teacher to wear to school huh?

Me too.

So this is where all my teeth went when I was a kid…

pillow talk

This is one of the best write ups I’ve seen for one of the lamest shirts.

Yeah? Well I drool on you and leave peculiar shaped stains.