Pillows For Your New Mattress

I wonder how small the package for the pillow is, and how small it can compress with a vacuum bag. I work aboard a cruise ship and having a good pillow to travel with would be excellent.

What brand is this? I’d like to check out some reviews.

We sometimes can’t give out the manufacturer. This is because our buyers work for great pricing and the vendors want to protect their pricing in the marketplace.

Just got mine today http://www.woot.com/offers/gel-contour-pillow-with-300tc-cotton-cover-4?ref=cnt_wp_3_3

Feels better than my Isotonic one I had

After a quick click drag to google for an image search, it appears (the blue pillow I’m looking at) is a ComforPedic Loft from Beautyrest Contour, there also appears to be a ‘gel classic,’ same manufacturer.

edit: note from discussion 3/6/15 by @orlandotaz “The Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow arrived today. VERY SOFT! Absolutely no support!”

The Gel Contour Pillow Without Cover-2 Pack…Do not get it. It’s the worst pillow ever. I think a 10 dollar pillow at walmart will be better than this. It’s very soft and there’s barely any support. You rest your head on it and it will nearly go flat.

Thank you for this. I bought my wife a similar style pillow years ago, and it is the heaviest, most dense foam and it is very comfortable. Since then I’ve been looking for one just like it, but everyone I see at the store is about 1/3 as dense and provides no support.

I am always leery of buying one sight-unseen, and your post saved me from doing so.

Does ANYONE know where I can get a curve-type pillow like this that is ultra-dense?

I have the Ikea pillow of this type. It doesn’t condense much at all.

I got the “Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow w/Vented Cover” today and it is way too soft.


I got the Gel Memory Foam Bed Pillow ($29.99 one) in a search for a pillow that would support my neck and not slip around without throwing my neck out of joint. I’ve had neck issues from birth. Can’t ride the tea cups (or any rides with centrifugal force) without it cutting off my airflow, and when traditional pillows slip around at night it throws my neck out of whack and I don’t breathe enough and wake up with a headache. The contour pillows are so uncomfortable I can’t even fall asleep in the first place.

These are great! I didn’t notice any off-gas, but I did let them air out for a day just in case. They are heavier than normal pillows, flatter and more compact…but that’s because they don’t squish as far. I can sleep with just one (unlike traditional pillows where one is too flat but two is too high until they’ve been used for about a month). No neck pain. No morning headaches. I feel more rested.

So much for trying to save some money. My Tempur Pedic contoured pillow is getting old so I decided to buy a new one. Then found this pillow on woot! for 3rd of the price. This pillow is very soft and do not have any support (curved for a reason - it’s to support your neck!). I really do not recommend to buy this product.

Tempur Pedic. They sell at Sleepy’s or online. Be prepared to pay over $100 but it’s VERY worth it!

The vented, gel/memory foam is an amazing pillow!!! Please bring this one back as I need 4 more!