Pillows: Gel & Memory Foam

I’ve been curious about gel pillows for a while. Does anyone have experience with these? Are they good deals?

I’d be skeptical of these “no name” brand pillows. You can likely find them cheaper elsewhere. Don’t believe the inflated MSRP price as the price offered here by woot is the actual MSRP. (ie - this is not a deal)


I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions you have.


Queen sized gel foam pillow on amazon for 36.88 with solid reviews


Which of these if any are good for stomach sleepers?

I would recommend one of the traditional shaped pillows for stomach sleepers.

Probably none of these is great for stomach sleepers; the standard pillows are all around 4" thick, and unless they squish a lot more than my 4" memory foam pillow, they’ll be way too tall. Maybe the foam-and-fiber ones would squish enough.

when you actually compare specs: (I was looking at mem foam specifically, I have one already and love it, no idea what brand tho) most others seem to be smaller size and twice the price.

what’s the difference between the 2 “Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillows”? as far as i can tell, they have different cases and different warranties… but are the pillows themselves the same? thank you.

What’s the difference between the “Simmons Curv Gel classic pillow”, the “classic memory foam pillow”, and the “classic gel memory foam pillow”?

I bought a pair of these a while back, they look similar to the Simmons pillows: http://home.woot.com/offers/gel-memory-foam-pillows-your-choice

The gel-infused memory foam makes for a comfy and cool pillow, which is important for me living in a humid climate. The height takes some getting used to, but they do compress when you lay on them. They have held up well for over a year now. Be aware that the gel will freeze at low temperatures, though. I took my pillow on a trip to Wisconsin and it turned into a brick in the car.

Please see below for differences:

Curv Gel Classic – Vented Cotton Cover and Gel Foam

Classic Memory Foam - Standard memory foam and polyester cover

Classic Gel Memory Foam - Gel memory foam and polyester cover.

Hi, I just got the pillows and, aside from being pretty soft (too soft to provide much support), I could not find any branding anywhere! It was conspiously labeled “Simmons” in the product description, but nowhere on the actual product - is this a bait-switch using a recognizable brand name? In fact, I can’t find a “Curv” pillow anywhere, even the Simmons website! Not impressed so far…