Pillows, Panels & Doggie Beds

Am I missing something? You can only buy 3 panels…so I can cover 1 1/2 windows?

i agree that’s really silly. at least if they put 2 to a package (even if you double the price - at least people will be able to buy curtains for 3 windows).

Valid point, guys. I just emailed to see if we can at least bump the quantity limit to 4.

UPDATE:: Limited has been increased to 10. Go forth and cover ALL your windows.

I was excited by the curtains and then I read “spot clean”. No thank you. I have kids, pets and allergies - a good washing once or twice a year is a must.

Can someone tell me if they are lined panels to block the light??!! It doesn’t say anywhere but then again I could have overlooked it.

They are not lined. Per the specs:

Lined:  No

I was so glad to see this since I need some shorter curtains for my new apartment. Then I read the description.

Not lined? ONE panel? For fifty bucks?!?!

I’d rather buy a couple yards of fabric of my choice and make a couple lazy hems.

Panel curtains aren’t hard to make and there are even online tutorials for no-sew curtains if that’s not your thing.

No way am I paying essentially $21.42 per yard for a couple yards of cotton!!!