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There are two listings for seemingly the same pillows, but with different prices.



Comfort Revolution Cool Comfort Hydraluxe Gel & Memory Foam Pillow-3 Styles

Standard @ $50
Contour @ $50
Standard @ $55

Screwed up sizes or is the only difference between the Standard and the Standard the colors?

Hmm. Good question; I emailed the buyers to see what’s up. Check back for an update.

Cotton Gusseted Side Sleeper Pillow
What size is this pillow?

This is much cheaper at Costco. I have this pillow and I love it. http://www.costco.com/Comfort-Revolution-Hydraluxe-Gel-Memory-Foam-Bed-Pillow.product.100121491.html

It’s a standard size pillow.

yup… just coming back to this page-in-limbo place to cry about the scrunch pillow. wahhhh!

PLEASE show up soon and icomfort my no-comfort neckohead!!

/ends crying, worried monsterface

(postio scripto: i did ask the wonderwoots aux customer service who got riiiiight back to me in a flashyflash! & they are looking into it’ --can’t leave that out!!)

Sorry about that! I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look into it.

I get lost a lot on the internet (and everywhere else) so I wanted to leave a belated THANK YOU here --maybe you’ll see it/maybe not…

Either way: THANK YOU.

Still crying like crazyperson:

‘Oh my Serta, where art thou my squrrrshy Serta?’