Pillows, Pillows, Pillows

So many choices, which one to buy. Wish I could touch them and see how soft or firm they are. I bought some pillows before and they were so flat. Only raised my head up by an inch or two.

You should have a you tube showing the pillow ‘bounce back’ like you do ‘removing brown spots’…just sayin’

I bought some of the 300tc down alternatives last time they were on here. They are horrible. Any weight from my head immediately flattens the pillow. They came rolled up and shoved into a shipping box the size of a cereal box so that should have been my first warning. S h a m e on Woot for sending them so late in the 21 day window that I couldn’t return them.

I spent 8 bucks on a pair of pillows at Sam’s club and threw these pieces of crap into the closet for when someone stays over.

For me personally…these are one of the things that you have to see in person. Gotta be able to squish the hell out of it & see if you like it. :slight_smile:

While I do agree that seeing/feeling pillows in person is the optimal way to shop, I liked the price on the “Gel Memory Foam Classic Pillow w/Vented Cover” when they had them over a year ago and took the risk. I was sooooo pleased with the purchase that I bought another when they came back up, and am seriously thinking of grabbing one or two more this time for either when they wear out, guests, or gifts or what not. My only complaint with it is that the foam is a bit stiffer when it’s highly cold. So when I needed to move my bed close to the window in my new apartment, it needs to warm up from my head heat for a couple minutes before I sink in. But it might be doing an arguably better job this way anyway, and it’s only a minor wait. Love those pillows, I miss them when I travel and don’t bring along.

Well said!!

Bought the gel filled pillows but, I swear, feathers are coming out of them. I’m afraid I’m going to choke on them in my sleep. These are the worst pillows in the world. Fell in love with the price but should have went with my instincts. Pillows need to be tested in person.

I agree. My worst woot purchase yet.

My Gel Memory Foam Classic Pillow w/Vented Cover arrived today and absolutely REEKS of a mold/dirt smell.

I’ve had it out of the box for about six hours now, attempting to air it out. It has been in the same room and I am now dealing with a sore throat.

Anyone else having a similar issue?

  • Jess

Oh. My. Goodness. You’re not kidding, and you’re certainly not the only one!!

We just purchased two of these (“Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow w/Vented Cover” as they were billed on the site), and the smell is really bad - it’s very much a mold smell, so bad it’s made my wife ill. She’s gone back to using a conventional pillow. We’re trying to air them out, but not sure that’s going to help at all; they’re virtually unusable.

I suppose if you needed to get rid of an unwanted house guest, these would come in handy - otherwise, avoid at all costs. They are very comfy - but it’s not worth the smell, or getting sick over.


Crappy pillows. Labels on them say to be used with the pillow guy. Very unhappy.

I bought a set. My bedroom still has crap floating around it even after I threw these crappy pillows out.

My first bad Woot experience.

Really disappointed in the size of the “Gel Contour Pillow with 300TC Cotton Cover”.

I could have looked at the dimentions, but naturally I didn’t.

Pillow isn’t large enough to even fill the width of a standard pillow case. This causes the pillow to “roll” in it over time.

It’s better than the 4 year old pillow I was using, so, I can’t be too upset.

An update to my original post: Hat tip to Woot, they took great care of me. I received two new pillows which not have the odor that the original ones did, and my wife and I are enjoying them very much.

Well done to Woot for taking care of us - and, assuming the pillows are odor-free, they are fantastic!