Pillowtop 11" Inner Spring Mattress in a Box

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Pillowtop 11" Inner Spring Mattress in a Box
Price: $189.99 - 329.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Tuesday, Apr 01 to Friday, Apr 04) + transit
Condition: New


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Check out some reviews from Wayfair

Lots of solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at amazon and let Harvard educate you on the importance of sleep

Don’t forget to check out the one-stars though. It seems these are way too soft for some people, reportedly sag in the middle with two occupants, and may feel like a memory foam topper on top of hard coils (which, I guess is kind of what it actually is).
That was enough to scare me off, but if you don’t need a firm supportive mattress and if transporting it is a major concern then one of these might work out well for you. The relatively low price helps too (though not quite low enough for me to risk it personally, and I’ve also learned that a flippable mattress has long-term durability advantages over a no-flip pillow top).

As I’m seriously in the market for a budget mattress right now I’m very intrigued. Pouring over some reviews, especially on Amazon, the consensus seems to be that this mattress is on the softer side (though I have seen some people complain that those such reviews are inaccurate and the mattress is much less soft than hoped).

I really really want a soft mattress. I have an old mattress right now that is quite soft (and its deteriorating condition makes it even less firm) and I have a topper on that for maximum softness - is there anyone out there who can speak directly to the firmness of this mattress, hopefully someone who has tried several mattresses of varying firmness?

Many reviewers, like myself, seem to by this mattress because they are on a budget and don’t seem to have a lot to compare it to (if they even mention firmness in the review at all).

Thanks very much!

Woot is losing a helluva lotta money on these giving buyers $5 s/h…

I don’t have this but your best bet is to wait until Woot offers a gel memory foam again. They have them quite often, with the last one on Feb 13, 2014. Click to see details. The price range was $199-$319 (Twin to Cal King) for a 10" mattress. I bought a more expensive 12" version, full size, for $299 from Woot in Dec 2013. These mattresses have 3 layers: A top gel-infused memory foam layer, a middle ventilated memory form layer, and a dense regular foam support layer on the bottom. Users, including me, describe it as medium firm. But that’s not entirely accurate because memory foam gets hard when the room is cold and soft when warmed by the room or body heat. Some have described it as medium soft when it’s hot. Regardless, most people love it and think it’s an incredible value ($5 shipping!). Please click on the above link to see details, and see if it’s worth waiting for. YOu can also try contacting the company rep (read comments from the Woot) and see if you can buy from them directly. The mattresses have a 15 year warranty and users have said that they honor the warranty with ease.

Uh No. Someone needs to do their homework. NO ONE in the mattress industry sleeps on memory gel foam. Start at the best consumer mattress forum on the web, Mattress Underground, and get educated about this industry that has become a step above selling used cars.

I’ve been shopping for months, 12 pages of notes, countless phone calls and trials and after all that research am about to pull the trigger on a DIY Latex International Talatech talalay mattress consisting of one 9" zippered cover, stuffed, with foam of my choice. Working my way up from the bottom to the top by dropping 3 foam layers 3" each from firm (36 ILD) at the bottom to plush at the very top (19 ILD). Zip, you’re done. NO flipping, no mites, no sags, excellent pushback, instant recovery, cool, 20 years life at least, and, you can actually turn on it without a struggle. Oh, and no motion transfer.

You can literally get into a $3,500 quality mattress for about $1,100 by going this way. It’s the smart thing to do.

Good luck

What about the very common complaint I see with latex regarding sagging after a few years of use?

That’s not latex, it does not sag. Polyurethane and gel foams will. I know first hand, I just returned a “custom” made mattress that had sag, body imprints, after 45 days of use. It was an innerspring with foam on top.

I revised my post after you asked. Need to read it again. Be careful of what you hear as most of the comments come from uninformed people.

They don’t make them like they used to.

Made in China–Do you need to know more?


This is the least transparent industry in the world. Behind that cover you don’t know what you’re getting. Industry profit margins have risen in the last 20 years with the production of pillowtop non flippable mattresses using cheap stuffing that doesn’t last.

Hmm… I’ve been looking for an inexpensive mattress for a child’s bunk bed, and he’s only 3 right now. I’m fully expecting to purchase a much nicer mattress when he gets older. I’m really tempted to try this out.

I thought this company looked pretty decent but haven’t bought anything yet.
I like it that they tell you the number of coils. made in U.S.A.

I did buy my first mattress out of college from the Pittsburgh Mattress Company but haven’t been able to find them on the web. Now, they were good mattresses.

I am certainly uninformed in the world of matresses as I do not have 12 pages of notes and hours of research. But, I do happen to have a latex foam mattress that sags terribly. It did take a while (about four years) to start, but there is definitely a significant valley where I tend to sleep.

I like a mattress I can flip over and it’s the same mattress

I like a Mattres and leave off the last s for savings.

These might be the same guys you bought from before, or a successor. I know they have a factory here in Pittsburgh, and I’ve heard good things about their mattresses…

I agree that mattress sales can be a huge racket with every manufacturer/seller claiming their products are the best thing since sliced bread, and both prices and quality vary widely (and don’t always necessarily relate to each other).

The problem I have is with any advice claiming one person’s research and conclusions will automatically apply to everyone else. Mattresses are a very personal choice, and personal preferences span a wide spectrum, as do climates, body types, medical concerns, budgets, etc.

Also, IMHO there might not really be such a thing as a “$3,500 quality mattress.” It’s certainly possible to spend that much and more, but it’s kind of like getting a “$400” sweater or pair of jeans for “only” $110. The fact that someone pays $400 doesn’t necessarily make the item worth that much to anyone else.

I personally prefer a non-pillow-top, flipable, relatively firm innerspring mattress and haven’t been at all impressed with various types of foam, or adjustable firmness, etc. Other folks have different preferences.