Pillsbury Doughboy Model HO Railroad Train Set


[imgleft]http://www.woot.com/Images/Sale/Pillsbury_Doughboy_Model_HO_Railroad_Train_Set-thumbnail.jpg[/imgleft] Friday, November 18, 2005
[manual estimates tonight -stats off for server speed] Item qty: 0, Last Order: ? AM CST, Wooter to blame: [the server error] Order Pace: 0m 00.000s, Woot Wage: < minimum. [consider this a preview, courtesy of a fun glitch we discovered this morning…]


Frankly, this was an awesome woot.


this one was quick…nice


Why did it disappear so fast? It was there one second and then gone the next…poor me…no Pillsbury Doughboy Model Train this year…poor me…


where did it go…that might have been the fastest woot ever.


Does anyone even know how much this WOOT was? I didnt even see it listed!!


I’d nominate that for strangest woot ever.


Holy Cow, I totally missed this. I saw allusions to this on the Blender thread, and figured I would learn about it sometime. Does anyone remember how much this went for?
At least I got the blender(S).
The video cards are going quickly. Should I stay up and see if another woot is waiting?


I found a website selling it for $85 with shipping.


I believe the woot price was $40 + 5 but it was so quick that I am not positive.


It was 49.99 + 5 as the train sped by.


it was yelling Wooot Wooot. I’m sure of it as it past our servers by.


how come no stats anymore after the item sells out?


Are they going to post the stats for all the woot-off items at some point, because I really want to see the stats for that train set. I saw the train set on the page…and I refreshed it within 20 seconds because the blinking lights didn’t appear and I wanted to make sure the woot-off hadn’t ended so soon. When the page refreshed, it showed the video card.


For those who must have this, Pillsbury.com sells this set for $75.

If it had lasted a few more seconds I might have bit at $55. Would make a good Christmas gift for my grocery employeed (and obsessed) family members.


Hang in there, Wooters…this train might come around the bend again…


Hanging :wink: I bet the staff is having fun with the servers tonight.


Was that the Midnight Express?


Since we caught it on a server glitch last time do you think you can make the price even more wootastic when it comes back over the Horshoe Curve?


I’m thinking right at about the end of the woot-off… [:D]

Now, about that train track. Anyone learn if it is a standard size that one might be able to get more of?

Hehe… Pretty sad, but this topic hasn’t passed onto page two, yet.