PILOT G2 Premium Rolling Ball Gel Pens

PILOT G2 Premium Rolling Ball Gel Pens

These are the best pens.

For writing.

Don’t store vertically, point down however.


Hmmm :thinking:

you must have bout the ones off the. “scam woot” channel

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The supply chain is angry.

So it says free shipping w/ Prime, then adds $6 shipping and handling to the cart?

Did you check the box asking you to verify your address?

Look for a button to verify your address or payment. Click/tap that and the rest of the page will load taking off the shipping.

Yeah, had my address and in the shipping options it said “free”, but next to the “place order” button said $6 so I didn’t hit order so I wouldn’t be charged for it… annnnnd now it’s sold out. I’ll just go to Walmart to get the pens. Oh wait, I was there last night and they were sold out of everything because of the supply chain issues. I just can’t win. Hopefully I can get in on another deal during the woot off! :slight_smile:

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If all else fails you can pay the shipping then let customer service know what happened and they’ll refund it.

It should also subtract out the $6 a line or two below that.