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Does the Garmin nuvi 3450LM come with a windshield mount? The “in the box” info doesn’t say it does.

The Garmin Nuvi Features section says free lifetime map updates. Under the Specs section it says no free lifetime map updates. Which is it?

Are the Garmin maps US only or applicable to other locations around the globe. (Just in case I decide to take a drive down to South America, you can never tell).

Are you looking at traffic by chance. This is under Maps & Memory:

Includes lifetime map updates: Yes

Or could you point me to the one your asking about?

I’m pretty sure they’re USA. You can purchase other countries as needed.

Pyle PL72HRGR Adjustable Single Headrest with Built-in 7" TFT/LCD Monitor with IR Transmitter & Cover Any idea what vehicles it will fit out of the box?

We weren’t given that info and I don’t see it on their site.

You might contact Pyle directly to ask.

Per the vendor, it comes with

Quick-release powered mount with speaker

Thank you

Anyone know how the "Pyle PLCH52 5.25’’ Chopper Series speakers sound? I’d be installing them in a Jeep TJ, so I can’t go larger…

Amazon ratings are positive:

I bought 4 Pyle 7.5" speakers and am pleased with them.

Or could you point me to the one your asking about?


Under the Features section: lifetime maps update.

Under the Specs section - features that save time and money: no lifetime maps update.


I’ve tried your link, registered to create an account, and tried to contact Pyle. While they asked for my email address when I created the account, the form required it again to contact them, but the form does not allow for data to be typed into the email address box (multiple attempts). I guess that answered my question, well-enough!

Keep in mind that the “lifetime” maps, is the lifetime of the unit, not your lifetime. I have a Garmin Nuvi and the battery died when the unit was about 2.5 years old. It still works when plugged into the car, but doesn’t work when removed. That means my lifetime maps is useless because I can not power the device to download the updated maps.

Unfortunately Garmin intentionally makes it virtually impossible to remove and replace the battery without destroying the device.

So mine still works when plugged into the car, but the maps are years old.

I now just plug my iPhone in and use the free Google Maps app when I need to go someplace.

Does the Pyle PLR32MPB come with a wiring harness? People reviewing on Amazon seems to have not gotten one with the stereo.

Couple suggestions: one, a portable jumpstarter with a 12v plug like this one. I use one like that when I need to blow up my air mattress (my air pump is 12v). Two, Radio Shack sells a universal power adapter that you might be able to use, unless your Garmin has some proprietary power connector…

In the dash, with some easy modifications, you can fit the shallow mount 6.5" In the Soundbar you can do the 6.5"

The Pyle PLV12V2 1 to 2 Cigarette Lighter Multiplier has 1-star reviews on Amazon because it won’t connect.

More Pyle of …

Glad I checked.