Pimp Yo Ride!

I wish I could see the back of each Receiver/Radio for cable hookup. Just bought a car at an auction that has no stereo and I have my eyes on a couple in here but I cant decide if I don’t see that they will connect with the cables on my car.

looks like a penis with balls. haha.

I was going to say a space ship from Space Balls.

Woot, I only clicked the link to see what kind of headphones she was wearing. Funny she’s wearing headphones when you’re pushing car speakers. Kind of a contradiction of interests.

Wot! No Pyle car covers?!

Fantastic radar detector… Love mine!!! and saved me many many tickets

Which one are you talking about? I’m thinking about getting the GX65 for my husband.

Has anyone here bought/installed the rear view camera? It looks promising, but I can’t seem to find any reviews on it (and that makes me really leery to purchase it).

Are the headrest monitors fabric, leather, pleather? NO mention anywhere. One picture looks like leather or vinyl, and another picture shows them on fabric seats? That would be an important ‘spec’ to list…

Also how do they hook up? Just power off the 12V? Says ‘12 volt power supply’, but no cord is listed in the ‘what’s in the box’ section.

I had the same question. Here’s a link to the user guide. http://www.pyleaudio.com/sku/PLD76GR/Pair-of-Adjustable-Headrests-w-Built-In-7-TFTLCD-Monitor-w-Built-in-DVD-Player-and-IRFM-Transmitter-With-Cover-(Gray-Color)

She’s wearing the Pyle headphones that comes with this headrest DVD setup.

You shoudl check out a website that sells car installation kits, like Crutchfield, and buy the one specific for your car. Then you just marry the wires from the back of the unit to the jack for your car.

2 questions. first does any one know if a kenwood 1000watt amp is compatible with the 10" 500watt pyle sub? secondly, does any one know if the amp/sub combo could be installed into a 2003 gmc sierra with factory cd player/radio?

Huh… even there they don’t say! You’d think that would be important information. It looks like leather or vinyl… but I guess no way to be sure.

That brought up another question. On Pyle’s site it lists these as coming with two wireless game controllers. On Woot, the controllers are NOT listed as included, but one of the specs says “built in game with joystick”…

This is all really irrelevant since I would not by anything by Pyle anyway… Heard nothing but horrible things about this low-end/economy brand.

got one. hope it will be all good! or not!.. :(:::::::

I only signed in to say I immediately thought the same thing. I’m surprised no one else said anything about it…

Woot- can you please tell us which version of bluetooth each of these item has and include this on future bluetooth offerings? Very important!

We do if we get that information from the vendor or manufacturer. Many times, we aren’t given that info. :frowning:

Can you narrow it down to a couple items that you are interested in?

My biggest issue is even Pyle’s website has no info regarding the display units. Trying to figure out exactly how they work. The display is bigger than the unit so it must not stow automatically but it still says motorized display. So what it motorized.

I bought a unit with a folding display about a year ago. Cheapish, graphics and interface on the touch screen or early 90’s. But it works. I used it in my street/autocross race car. I had a data logger in the car that had 4 cameras. I didn’t leave the cameras on the car because they would get damaged or possibly stolen while driving on the street. The display was great for me to aim the cameras when I put them on. I sold the race car and put the unit in my RV. Still works good.

Go to main Amazon site, or whatever your favorite is and get the proper connector for your vehicle.Aftermarket car stereos pretty much all come with generic wiring and you buy the vehicle specific plug separately, that is unless you want to install it permanently ,then you just attach each wire to the wiring harness in the vehicle.