Pinball Wizard

Where’s the deaf and dumb and blind kid??


Not sure if the owl is there as the wizard’s companion, or as a reference to The Who.

I’m pretty sure blasting the machine with lightning will definitely set off that dreadful tilt alarm.

Oh boy, I’ll look cool in this shirt!

I wondered if the Fellowship ever got back together, just for old time’s sake…but I never would have guessed that they’d get together at Chuck E. Cheese.


“YOU SHALL NOT PASS my high score.”

No quality posts yet? Aren’t we an unfunny bunch.

The Who for sure I’d be interested to see how many people get the reference though :slight_smile:

If you thought you’ve seen one part of this duo at woot, you’re right. Ben printed here before with:

[Night Owl](

Dang it! Now the song is stuck in my head!

So are they in Soho or Brighton?

Pinball wizard!
There has to be a trick!

Sure will be magic when you wear this and all the ladies disappear.

I remember playing this game at the penny arcane. Based on that classic opera by the Hoot.

“you have my ax!”
“And My bow!”
“And my THUMBS!”

I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like this at the bowling alley/arcade center that I work at. I want to see how the dwarf would do on the DanceDanceRevolution machine.

So wait, when Gandalf came back as the white wizard, did he have 1 credit(s) remaining or did he match his player numbers?