Pineapple Vengeance

Something is fishy. No pineapple can be that happy after being stabbed like that.

Everyone knows pirate pineapples are cannibals…his eye patch actually comes from the time he was blinded being juiced in the eye!

I would so get this shirt…too bad its a white shirt

Hey… Imma gonna cut ya…

into rings…

and place ya on a ham*.

*“Place ya on a ham” is fruity street talk for “put ya in prison”

This is what I see when I hear Pineapple Express.

Bleh, I will pass. I am sure they will sell well since it is a white t-shirt…

Wanna know how he got that scar?

How unusual! This pirate pineapple eats with the power of telekinesis? Seems he’s a been reading ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl.

It was a furious battle over the last orange… what with the bouts of scurvy on the boat and all.

The commentary is in such bad taste…but then, I don’t like pineapple! Yuck, yuck!

I crack myself up.

At least he won’t get teh scuuuuurveeee. :slight_smile:


Heh…this instantly reminded me of the SPARKS song!

I love this! What a great character :slight_smile:

I’m going to propose that the scar is not from an epic battle, but rather, the pineapple sacrificed his own person to craft the golden handles of his favorite utensils (they match colors, you see).

I do believe, though, the pineapple would slice a brother for attempting to rob him of his dinnerware.

Might be better on a cranberry shirt… with some Caribbean rum…

ha…it’s an explosive situation. And yet, I like it.

A must have shirt for any fan of Psych.

“That depends. Are you a fan of delicious flavor?” - Shawn Spencer

Wow. That is one morbid product write-up. Not cool woot.

The artist so stole my idea from the S Derby! :stuck_out_tongue:

( Sour Scalawags )

Ah well… his looks like it was drawn by someone not in kindergarten, so I’ll have to let it slide :wink: