Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Golf Set

No love for the lefties once again :frowning:

Would this be a good set for a twice a month weekend golfer?

$129 on Amazon with good reviews. Seem to be a very good set for a golf newbie such as myself.

Bought these the last time around. pleasently surprized. I am a novice golfer, I think the shafts on the woods are too flexible, but the irons are nice. the grip is ok. My only comlpaint is no putter or bag.

Absolutely, PMG has quality clubs. I own two sets from them; the Excel Monterossa Irons and the PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set. Both sets hit like a dream, and I play about as often as you. My golf buddies who love to bash clone brands even like them. They can hit them further, straighter and cleaner than their own clubs that they pay top dollar for.
I can tell you from personal experience that these clubs will be fantastic. Not only that, but their customer service and support is top notch. If you have questions, or concerns they will address you and help you find the best solution.

IF youre on the fence about these, dont be. Buy them, take them to the range and youll see that you made a great choice.

I’ve used these before. They are a very very good starting set. especially for this price. Just remember to get a Putter and SW from somewhere.

I currently own TaylorMade Rocketballz and honestly the RBZ are better, but are you willing to spend that extra 300-400 dollars just for irons if you are just starting out?

Give these a shot play for a few months then get fitted for real clubs.

Looks like a Callaway X22 knockoff just going off the club design. The actual club performance is probably pretty similar though, minus the brand image and price tag. For what it’s worth I got an X22 six-iron in a bargain bin a while back and really liked it–putting extra weight on the bottom corners seems to keep the club straighter.

I’m a 5’8" tall male with a slim frame. Would these clubs suit me?

Seems like all the golf deals on woot never give any love for left handed golfs. I wish they would consider our needs and wants.