Pinemeadow Golf

“golf” spelled backwards is “flog.”

Ummm the wedges are -2% from list… So they cost more on Woot! Boo…

List 68.95 Woot 69.99

Surely this sale is joke. -2% off?

Buyer just saw it when I hollered over to him. He fixed it. It was supposed to be $59.99. If you already purchased, the difference will automagically be refunded before long.

Putter seems decent enough, and I refuse to spend $100 for other name brand putters. It’s a ripoff. Hope the feel is to my liking.

oooooooooohhh… automagically!

I wish I’d bought one just to see the price automagically change!

Pinemeadow makes clones of more popular golf clubs. I have a full set of their High-Launch Excel Irons (Big Bertha Clones) and Excel Fairway drivers and they are beyond amazing. For the price, these clubs are of very high quality and I found myself going back to purchase more of their products. In fact, I just ordered a putter from them yesterday for a corporate golf tournament coming up. If you haven’t checked out their site, do that first to read more about what they do.

More Right Handed Putters!!!


Got a Big Game coming up!!

are these good for beginners? i’m 5’9 right handed and wanting to learn how to golf. Should I just invest in a brand name or will these do justice?

These will do justice. Don’t spend money for clubs unless you know you like the sport or determine how often you will play. I built my clubs from clones and they worked just fine for years. It wasn’t until I decided to get serious (and had money) that I went with Ping clubs since I am 6’4". At your height, stock should be just fine.

Lefties play golf too. Never seems to be anything up here for the right brained.

These are only $10 less than what you get them for on Amazon (with 2 day delivery, if you have Prime).

Okay bought the PRE 16 piece set, and I don’t see the dozen golf balls. Are those being shipped seperate?



out of all of them which is the better set?

I wouldn’t say any one is better than the other per se, a lot of times it is based on what you want. If I were to buy one, I would go with the Nitrix. If you are a beginner, the Pres might be better because of the larger sweet spot.

Heyo I think you are mistaken here. They have a lefty set available

I’ve had this putter a number of months now. Very please with it. The grip is soft and plush. Not as much as those high-end Odysseys ($100+), but right under that. The finish on the head is reasonable. It’s not a powdercoat and I suspect with rough use would chip after some time. But it does come with a headcover that’s extremely soft and well made. Just keep the head cover on when not in use and it’ll be plenty fine. VERY solid buy for the money.