Pinemeadow Golf

I bought Pinemeadow PGX clubs the last time they were posted. I’ve only ever had used clubs and have been golfing for a while. If you want an affordable new set, You will not regret purchasing these! I have played around 30 times with them and they are great. Even friends with pricier clubs and the rocketballz these are modeled after are impressed. Great grip, great weight and balance, and durable so far!

I have a Intech 2 wheel cart that is EXACTLY LIKE the Courier lite.

Works fine. Pulls easy. Just be careful about slopes on the greens, it will probably tip over, but that is to be expected of course with a 2 wheeled cart.

Any thoughts on the PRE clubs? Looks like they’re pretty well rated on amazon, but does anyone have any experience with them?