Pinemeadow Golf

I bought the Pine Meadow PGX set off Woot back in March. Sorry Woot, but I have to look out for my peers… it was a little chunk cheaper back then. All came packaged very well. I also purchased the PGX putter from Amazon.

For the price, they’re pretty much unbeatable. It could be a matching set of twigs for this price and be worth it, but they’re far from that. The grips are fair and I haven’t had any durability issues. And I’ve chunked my share of clubs deep into the earth at full swing. LOL! They all get regular play scratches on them. The base and face of the irons show wear and the face of the woods have wear/ball marks. Do they scratch easier than a high-end set of clubs? I have no idea. If you can afford a $1200 set of irons, I doubt you care what my opinion is anyway.

Least favorite thing… I guess the woods being painted matte finish white. Though the finish seems to be reasonably durable (not great, but acceptable), the white color gets crazy dirty on the course. Not that there’s always dirt flying around, but if you’ve played enough, you know clubs get dirt on them. I would have liked a gloss/clear coat over the finish to help with cleaning.

Most favorite thing… the putter I suppose. The grip is pretty nice (it’s no $150 Odyssey, but does have some soft cushion feel). The weight feels about right for my taste. The horizontal lines on the head are nice. The base of the head is hollowed out and is suppose to be able to pick up a ball without bending over, but I’ve had very mediocre results with that. Works about 10% of the time.

This is a really good review. Thanks.