Pink Buckyballs 2-Pack with The Big Book of Bucky & $3.00 Susan G. Komen Donation

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Pink Buckyballs 2-Pack with The Big Book of Bucky & $3.00 Susan G. Komen Donation
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This may be one of the most unexpected woots of all time. Buckyballs? Sure. But seriously. That title is a little too much to take at 1am.

WoW - Pink Buckyballs… sounds nice. I’ll leave these for other wooters… good luck all.

My kids use these in multiple colors for their chemistry models.

Are we only going to get the 5x5 Bucky companions in the 2 packs on woot now?

OMG Pink BuckyBalls – Couldn’t Resist!!! Resistance is Futile!!!

FYI these are Buckyball Sidekicks, which have 125 balls vs the standard size Buckyball with 216 balls.

Unfortunately these are only BuckyBall Sidekicks, rather than the full sized sets of 216 (I think), these only contain 125 each. But at least it’s for a good cause right?

is there a factory warranty with these buckyballs? i got some from woot, and the metallic layer has come off and now the metallic dust gets all over my hands… otherwise this was an awesome purchase and highly recommend it.

I can only dream of the day we see the last Buckyball from Woot. The colored ones are known to rub off.

I’ll have to say the Komen people are some BUSY folks though! I see that everywhere. Too bad there is no corollary between money and a cure, but at least it makes people feel good about themselves.

So my birthday woot is pink buckyballs… ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

I bought Blue Balls and silver balls from woot. While it is a lot of fun to build stuff and pull things apart; my coworker and I have wasted plenty of time throwing these at the fridge. Little balls of metal shouldn’t just stop and stick like that. If you own these already you should try it. It’s a lot more fun than it sounds.

Coming up on Thursday: BuckyRhombuses!
Then, on Saturday: BuckyDecahedrons!
Okay! enough with the Bucky-fill-in-the blanks!

Please, Woot, offer me something DIFFERENT.
I really am looking for a reason to give you my money…

Hey guys. Everyone has different feelings on what charities they would like to donate too and I think we can all respect that.

May I ask however, that discussions of that be moved to another thread other than the product thread. If someone would like to open a thread for this discussion on World of Woot, you can link to it here.

Edit: Additional discussion of the charity can be found here

Thank you!

lies… how can they form any carbon based structure without them all attaching? I dont get why people make stuff up.

I really want to buy a set of Buckyballs for the office, but with all the TVs and computers around the office… yeah.

This fits all the double entendres, but was probably provided by the manufacturer:
“A whole new breed of adult toys with limitless possibilities is here”

You know for the amount of buckyballs that woot sells, I am really starting to doubt that those magnets are really rare. Maybe they found a whole stash in London right next to all those gold coins in mint condition we keep hearing about…

When they first started digging them up they thought they were rare, but as they dug more they kept digging the stuff up and it wasn’t as rare as they thought. It has a neat name that sells products like this though; so they decided to keep the name.

Here is an article on rare earth metals (including the ones used for magnets) for your reading pleasure