Pink Floyd “Oh By The Way” Studio Album Box Set

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Pink Floyd “Oh By The Way” Studio Album Box Set
$124.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Pink Floyd “Oh By The Way” Studio Album Box Set

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Pink Floyd!! :smiley:

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New Pink Floyd “Oh By The Way” Studio Album Box Set, for $124.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Pink Floyd “Oh By The Way” Studio Album Box Set

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Good woot, good price. They could have dropped the first five albums, though.

Pink Floyd rules! I was hoping for some turkey crap though…

The album alone gets good enough reviews to make it worth considering. ANd it’s Floyd for goodness sakes. How could anyone born before 1975 pass this one up?

Amazon reviews link…

If this were vinyl I’d pick it up on sheer principle. On CD, sadly, I’ve had all these albums for years. Also CDs are dead to me. But still, great work on keeping it real, woot.

Rock On! Fantastic Woot!

My 3 year anniversary too! Double Celebration!

The only thing missing in this box set would be a black light poster and some rolling papers… Nice woot.

oh, the cleverness

Definitely thinking about this, instead of spending my Black Friday money on Newegg…thoughts?

OOOOOOOOOOOOH me and my dad’s both favorite! In for two. Happy christmas dad…:)WTF

Very Nice Woot!

And this would be my 3rd Woot Birthday

WoW! It’s $200 on Amazon!

and Um…a blacklight.

Oh, I want one so badly! I was looking at this set on Amazon not that long ago…

But is it an upgrade over the CDs I already own?

To tell a secret:

There I was at “Rattlesnake Ranch” where the “Fall Follies” were taking place, having drunk a fairish number of shots of “Dr.” John’s Snake Oil and was sitting in the living room. We were listening to “The Dark Side of the Moon” (I would have never known of Pink Floyd if not for John). I was grooving and relaxing and everything was coolness incorporated.

I didn’t know there was a six-foot Magna Planar speaker DIRECTLY behind me.

When all of the alarm clocks went off I nearly went into an apoplectic fit. Scared the living bejeesus out of me. However, that is now about my favorite of their albums.

Can’t handle “The Wall” anymore, though - just too grim.

Anyone want to buy me this woot? (grovel, grovel).

(later and more secret: my GF simply will NOT have sex during the song “Money”. Too mechanical, I guess.)

It comes with a poster… bet you could use the blacklight on it