Pink LED A19 Light Bulb - 2 Pack

And while we’re at it, Woot, why in the world is this deal’s webpage set up so that each color of the exact same bulb deal has its own page (and consequently, it’s own community comments page)? It sure makes it difficult to post appropriate content in community messages that would be relevant to all of these. A single page for all the bulbs, with a drop-down box for choosing the color to purchase makes a lot more sense, and seems like it would be way less work on the web folks.

The way this (and many other similar deals on Woot these days) is set up now, if someone has content to post that pertains to all of the deals in a category (regardless of color, in this case) which might help Woot’ers in their purchasing decisions, a copy of the comment would have to be posted in six different places (which I will do here and now, in order to reinforce my point).

As inconvenient as it occasionally was having to remind posters to specify which product they were referring to in the old system with one comment thread for the whole group of similar deals, it was at least more effective when all of the deals were similar. Plus, if the products in the category were all from one manufacturer, it was much more informative when commenting on that manufacturer’s products as a whole and their customer service.

Just another way of saying I miss the old Woot…