Pinnacle 3-Element Speakers (Pair)

Did you know there’s a guy living in our closet?

Just got these. These will be matching my two Pinnacle BD-1000 & BD-300. These are great speakers for a small-medium room. Don’t expect these to blow your socks off with power/bass. Well worth the buy.

You joined… THE DAY BEFORE Me???

What do you guys do in your club?

I think my speakers are broken, I couldn’t hear a thing… hey look what’s for sale!


I will stick with my 10$ walmart cheapies lol…

Wow, I went to sleep on the tripods four hours ago and I woke up only three woots later.

I was just in my office and heard a ruckus.

Next item: TRS-80 with a daisy wheel printer and the ever popular Model 100 sidekick, complete with cables.

If I buy these will they work with any receiver, or am I limited on what I can use them with?
Also, is there any other hardware I would need other than a receiver to use these?

Sorry for the noob questions.

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Everything gets discontinued at some point. In this case it doesn’t mean they were poor quality, but in the high(er) end home audio market, if you don’t add new product yearly, you appear stagnant. Guess most industries are the same way… Or else we wouldn’t get woot-offs or a BOC.

Hey you have been to Woots IT department.

As long as your receiver has some speaker output terminals, you should be ok. All you will need is some speaker wire.

What receiver do you have?

Correct except speakers often have a longer product lifecycle than electronics. As an extreme case-in-point, you can still buy the Klipschorn which has been in production over 50 years. Producers like B&W, KEF, Mirage, Energy, Boston, etc. regularly keep models for 5+ years.

I note that the macmall guys don’t actually have them in stock. Whereas the guys at woot ship what they sell. Caveat Emptor and all that.

UMMm that is the LIST price. Take 50% off list and you are closer to average retail.

‘You know your in for a let-down when the #1 Feature of your speakers is the Nice Finish.’ Correct English Department sends a memo re:. Your, You are, and You’re. Your entry must reflect what you are wanting to say correctly and not what you’re writing, nimrod.