Pinnacle 3-Element Speakers (Pair)

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Pinnacle 3-Element Speakers (Pair)
$139.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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These ar great speakers!

Product Website.

I laughed.

Sensing a pattern here in the product descriptions – sounds like whoever is writing for Woot just went through a bad break-up…

The woot! product picture truly does not do these speakers justice. The link above, however, certainly does.

List Price: $698/pair

3 1/4 hours left in Day 3 and I’ve still not bought anything from this woot-off. My trigger finger is itching. I think I’d buy an elephant condom at this point if the price was right and it had an LED or something shiny in it.

If you believe that anyone ever paid $698 for a pair of these, I have an Invicta watch to sell you.

■Frequency Response: 100 – 20 kHz (+/- 3 dB)

Hmmm. My $39 computer desktop 10w RMS / Channel speakers with 3" main drivers are rated at 60-20khz +/- 2 db.
Ummm… No.

Still waiting for chocolates. I’m out of chocolates. Need chocolates. Please?

Anyone paying $698 for these is taking it in the arm.

they did those…maybe again…i doubt it…i’m waiting for a monkey…or hopefully they’ve come back with W00T! LIGHTS…i’d love a pair…

I paid $698 for these and took an arrow to the knee…

Will the manufacturer’s warranty be valid even though Woot is not an “authorized online retailer”?