Pinnacle 7-Element Speaker Bar

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Pinnacle 7-Element Speaker Bar
$398.99 + $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $19 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Annnd there goes the bedtime bell.

Okay, bedtime for me.
Night everyone.

$400 for a little teeny speaker?

can this function as a bacon stretcher?

LOL! $100 cheaper at amazon.

$299 at Amazon?

I will bid $14.99 on this item.

i asked for speakers and anf the all might woot gods give me this piece of bacon!

Nope, only $398.99.

Cheap at twice the price. In for 3 dozen!!

Yeah, you gotta be kidding, amazon!

Can we get Woot! back here, please?


maybe they are hoping to make a buck off a bleary eyed wooter comming down from a bacon high?

Good night, everybody!

Yeah, Goodnight fellow wooters! Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Woot buying some snooze time for themselves… Gnite!

Time to stop depriving myself of sleep hoping for the elusive Barrack Obama Campaign.

Good night.

Outside of Amazon it’s also available on eBay for $290-299 (at least two dealers with multiple stock on hand) with free shipping new in the box.


When Woot! ran this place, I had to really decide what I wanted to buy. Now that amazon is running the place, I still (after one day) haven’t found ANYTHING to buy!

Woot!? (amazon!) Any comment? Anything worth buying?

Maybe, an $800 cheese straightener? (Google it.)


Maybe Woot will use those knives from the picture over at home.woot to slice the price in half.