Pinnacle 700W 5.1 Speaker System

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Pinnacle 700W 5.1 Speaker System
$328.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Goes great with IKEA Black-Brown painted furniture!

FML $330 Woot Speakers

Factoring the shipping cost & weight, this has to be a very good deal.

Oh man, there’s 50 of them…

In for 49!

I wonder what the 700W stands for? The powered sub claims 125W. Must just be the model number, which is specially designed to mislead people.

Yarrr, Woot Off Killah!

We’ll be here a while, Arrrr!

looks like they dropped it to 3.

Great price on these and they sound good. Still think we’ll be here a while.

They’re averaging $899.00 anywhere else, I can’t even find a deal on these.