Pinnacle 8" 300W Powered Subwoofer



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Pinnacle 8" 300W Powered Subwoofer
$228.99 + $5 Standard OR $25 Two-Day OR $27 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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where the map at?


What have you done to me Woot?!?!? I come running to get the next deal, not for the deal, but for a map piece!


This map isn’t going to put itself together!!! Even with a powered subwoofer.


Where’s my map!!! I’m getting tired…sucks to get old.


ermagherd wootoff killer


My sentiments exactly.


im gonna drive around with it in my trunk so everyone thinks its 1992.


I figure once we have all 12-13 pieces there will be something I should know, yet don’t.

By the time I figure it out (hours later) it will be too late and then I’ll be so mad I’ll take this pirate costume and… and… I don’t know. But I’ll be mad! You better believe it. I will. Don’t try to talk me down! Wooooweeeee!


Sigh… yeah.


Soooooo starting at the beginning of the day I was really excited for the Crap-Beard Treasure. After acquiring all of the current pieces over the course of the day I’ve kinda got to the point of no return. I honestly didn’t think however that this was going to last ALL DAY.

Tired. Very, very, tired.




Whiskey helps


If you place this point sides up, it prevents your friends from sitting on it!



Please buy the last one someone!


link to pinnacle The manufacturers specs look pretty good. Not much in the way of reviews but couldn’t find anything bad. I have been looking for a small sub (says for 500sq ft rooms) and this might just fit the bill. Best price I found was $249 with shipping so this is cheaper.

edit: note to self: don’t research it just buy it. Maybe it will come around again.