Pinnacle 8" 300W Powered Subwoofer



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Pinnacle 8" 300W Powered Subwoofer
$198.99 + $5 Standard OR $25 Two-Day OR $27 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Been holding out for a sub for my recent receiver purchase… A little more than i wanted to spend though… Any help? Should i keep holding out?


I’d make a decision fast, doesn’t look like there are many.


Costume: Buy fancy speaker, hollow out and add arm / neck holes, go as sub-woofer man


That doesnt help me at all!!!


I’d take a 10" or 12" Bic over this for $100-$150


Haha, sorry, there isn’t much on it review wise. It seems like a pretty good deal for a subwoofer. I think this is a woot only deal though. Sorry for not helping that much :frowning:


Its actually pretty decent for its size. If you will be using it in a small room (like a bedroom) you’ll be happy with it. (It has surprisingly big sound for a small sub) But its only a 9 inch cube so don’t expect to be blown over if you’ll be using it in a large home theater room.


I was kind of hoping for atleast a 10" as well… Good point. Ill save my money for something with a little more oompf


I’d go with something like the BIC V1020 which is about $50 cheaper and arguably better.


Did Ty Burrell just buy three of these?


They’ll probably be posting a slightly more expensive one that’s 600W dual of this if you want to hold out for that, otherwise this is a good deal for good quality sound in a relatively small space. (I’m just repeating stuff the “experts” said from when they had these before.)

I’ll add since it’s still up - they said the “depth” or quality of sound for this competes in the $800-1k range, but the “loudness” of it is not great because it’s only 8". So basically if you have a small room and a good receiver, this would be best.


No argument here! However… the positive thing about this unit is its small size. I was able to hide one under the bed. Big sound and completely out of sight (keeps the wife happy)


This is the second one I bought. It’ll fill up my 7.2 system (which I got on Woot!

I love mine. more later, bu buy this! I paid $229.



Ebay = $489.99

Seems way above this deal on Woot. Must have been because it sold out before I could even post stats!


These have been offered 3 times before, but they are getting cheaper, and one of those threads said they were Woot! only prices. I actually think this does great in my lager room (20x16). To be fair I’m not a audiophile, but for less than $200 I think it is an awesome deal. fwiw - I may be a huge sucker too!