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So I received that 10" 200w sub from the last time. HOLY COW! I’ve only got it set about three quarters up. No idea what I would have done with the 12". So I see how one becomes a bit hooked on this. Question for those more knowledgeable: If you’re running an active sub, do you want/need large center and FL, FR speakers? There’s so much bass from the sub, seems like more would be destructive to the mids and highs?? I can’t put floor speakers in my room, just the way it is, but many floor speakers seem to almost get down to sub level bass. Anyway, wanna buy more…help me!
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Hi and thanks for the question and your purchase of Pinnacle.

In sticking with a compact format speaker, I can strongly recommend model SFITMON 450 as a great mate to the 10" subwoofer. it has considerable bass on it’s own, but the subwoofer will provide even more. The 2 together will blend perfectly. Then, if you are in the market for an excellent and matching center channel, I suggest SFITCTR 350. For less than $200 you will have an outstanding music/home theater system.

Finally, today most all subwofers are powered/active and that has no bearing on the center channel. Assuming you are using an audio receiver, the center channel does not need to be self powered.



Hi, this is Arin with Pinnacle, team leader with Pinnacle Consumer Division. As so many of you know, I monitor these forums whenever there is a Pinnacle event to answer any and all questions, and provide the best objective answers I can. I have been with Pinnacle for 11 years and know quite a bit.

For this event, I will be a little slower than usual in answering questions due to the New Year Holiday. But, I will be checking in so I will respond.

I thank so many of you from the Woot Forum for your hundreds perhaps thousands of comments and questions throughout 2014, and I look forward to providing the best service possible in 2015. Happy New Year to all from me and Pinnacle.



I am new to the world of speakers and sound bars. I am just wanting to get a sound bar to improve the sound of my 43 inch flat screen television. If I buy the sound bar that is $119 is that all I need to buy? I am not really wanting a total surround sound system, just an improvement from just the television.


From what I understand, the QP 9 needs a receiver to power it. It is just three speakers put together into a sound bar. It will provide much more power and better sound than a typical all in one soundbar. I just got rid of my soundbar and went back to a receiver. If you don’t have a receiver you will need something powered like the FronRow PBAR they have up there, but you will want some type of subwoofer to get what you want.

The posts all refer to the $119 soundbar you speak of as QP 9 for some reason


Hi Arin, and thanks. I sent an email to info@ and never received a response…FYI.
ARe the speakers you refer to listed on woot? The posts are making up there own names despite what one types for some reason.

I have receiver, my question for the FR, C, FL is more of a question is: do you want speakers that will put out more bass when you already have a powerful sub for bass?

Also, I notice many Center speakers are rated for more watts typically than the FL, FR speakers. My Reciever puts out 100w all the way around. Does that matter.

Finally, does it hurt to buy a speaker rated for ~225watts when the receiver only puts out 100w?

Where can I go to ask these questions?


Thanks for the info in your reply. I guess my decision got easier since they are all sold out!


The best approach is model qpsys12200 which is a exclusive for WOOT bundle. It includes our top of the line Soundbar and an excellent compact and powerful powered subwoofer. Hook-up is a snap. The Soundbar plugs direct to TV and the subwoofer plugs directly into Soundbar. We include high quality cables too. So that is my recommendation for you.




I suggested models that are in this woot event…sfitmon450 and matching center sfitctr350.

The power of the subwoofer has no bearing on what power ratings you consider for the other speakers. The subwoofer powers itself and your audio rrceiver will power the other speakers.

Generally speaking, speakers perform better with more not less power. So their is no issue with say a 100 watt amp and 50 watt speakers. The entire wattage rating world is kind of like the untamed wild wild west. Many variables go into power ratings of receivers and speakers and unless all variables are consistant comparisons are tough. All our products will perform excellent as long as you own a good quality receiver. Brands such ad Onkyo, Denon, Harmon Kardon, Yamaha, Panasonic, Pioneer Elite among others consistantly produce good receivers, in my opinion.


Happy New Year, Arin!!!


Thank you and a very Happy New Year to you too TT.


Question for Arin or one of the woot! staff if they are able. I noticed on the Amazon website that the PSUB series and the SFIT series both are listed as being discontinued by the manufacturer. I’m trying to determine if I need to jump on these now or in the very near future. I definitely want to pick up the PSUB 225 but I’m also very interested in, at some point, the SFIT TWR 1050’s. Am I SOL?



That information is NOT acurate. I represent Pinnacle and we are not discontinuing any of the items in this event. Thanks for pointing this out, we will work to have other sites correct their data when we become aware.



Thanks, Arin! I’m glad to hear that because as soon as finances permit I plan on converting my home theater setup to Pinnacle and the SFIT series seems to be about the right fit. Thanks again!


Is there a number I can call? I’m not getting my point across clearly I don’t think. I know the sub is powered separately and doesn’t have an affect on the receiver powering other speakers. My concern is with the overall system having too much bass if I add large FL., FR, and CTR speakers. Theres such a difference in price and size of the woofers in the 450 vs 500 speakers. I looked on the site for a number but didn’t locate. there’s one on the back of my sub.


Not sure if this will help or not, so if not, I apologize. The sub you have is always going to handle your low end frequencies. Always. If you get larger front left, right, and centers, you will get a more consistent sound stage. Meaning if you have larger woofers in your front end, the gap between your very low frequencies (sub levels) to your mid-range is going to be reduced significantly. Think of it being like a sine wave. Instead of there being a sharp climb from the valley to the peak, you end up with a smooth trail up to the top.

All of that said, and I think I saw that you have a 10" sub, a set of bookshelf speakers might be your better bet here. Just my suggestion. Depending on what your receiver is capable of (and I’ll assume that you can fulfill a full front end) you may only need the front left and right. Keep in mind that by utilizing a stereo configuration will mean all of the sound comes out of there as opposed to a center channel carrying the voice sounds.

I hope that helps, and if not, then it’s a couple of minute of my life that I won’t get back. :wink:

From what you have described, what you want is not actually sold out. The Speaker bar you are referring to actually requires a receiver. What you are looking for is the Front Row PBAR but you’ll need to keep in mind a few things. 1.) this will most definitely be an improvement on the sound coming from your TV. Flat screen TV’s sound is so bad that it created an entirely new speaker category (soundbars). 2.) it will likely not have a lot of punch or depth to the sound. That said, it’s $80.00, so you can’t really go wrong here. If you want a deeper, more rich experience, you should probably splurge and go for this instead. Just my .02, though.


My AV room/den has been fully Pinnacled for a couple of months now and I am honestly delighted! My 7.1 receiver powers (1) S-FIT CTR 350 3-Element Center Channel Speaker, (6) S-Fit Sat 150 Universal Satellite LCR Speakers and (1) Pinnacle SubSonix 10-200 10", 200W Powered Subwoofer.

I comprehend that these are the bottom of the price range for costly Pinnacle speakers but woot’s pricing put them within reach of my very limited budget and the quality is as good or better than most other speaker brands at any price. They work exceptionally well in my 18’ X 24’ room where the big screen and setup can only be the long wall. With the volume turned to less than half way (46-48), they fill the room with very real (and loud) audio that puts us in the middle of the action! If I turn the sub up to more than 1/3, it rattles glassware above the bar on the opposite wall.

I am a musician and sound is extremely important. Thank you Pinnacle for going above and beyond my expectations and making them affordable through woot!


You’ve piqued my interest. In which manner are you typically utilizing your speakers? Music or movies? I would not be above considering downsizing as the room I have is very similar in size to yours, actually a little smaller. The utilization of what gets used on my set up is movies and video games for the kids. I also have a 7.1 set up. I’m actually wondering if what I have currently is too much for the space. I have floor standing speakers with dedicated woofers, mid ranges, and tweeters. A center channel with two 5.25’s and a tweeter, and then a hodge podge of older bookshelf speakers for my left and right surrounds and surround backs. My current sub bit the dust, so I’m in the market for a new one. Anyway, if you can elaborate on how you utilize your set up, I’d sure appreciate it. I won’t likely be replacing the center channel as what I have is quite nice.


My room is similar also, and if you’re happy with those satellite speakers, I should be good with the 450 or 500s for sure. Thank you nickspeck for your input, it was helpful and appreciated. I am using a 10" sub and I’m using my receiver in 5.1 but with no rear speakers (don’t really want them) Just want great explosions with the ability to hear the dialogue at the same time.