Pinnacle PBAR 6200 175W Soundbar

A few not so great reviews (2.0 out of 5.0) over at newegg

looks like 2 of the reviews were unhappy with the shipping/seller. then the other said the sound sucks. im out i guess. 1 seller has it for 491 on amazon.

Here is the Product Manual and a lot of discussion (direct from the seller) over in a Previous Sale

1.75" ‘woofers?’ Fail.

But there’s six of them… that’s bigger than a 10" woofer… AMAZING!

FYI that was sarcasm

I guess the -6dB @ 125hz would really mean -3dB @ 62.5hz given there is actually 2 set of speakers in one cabinet.

Not much discussion about the product here for sale though.



Hello, Arin with Pinnacle Speakers here to assist. The product has a built in overload protection device. “Failure is not an option”

FYI: This SOUNDBAR is a great way to dramatically enhance the performance of the new flat screen tv’s that typically have limited acoustic value: One Wooter said,
Just wanted to say I bought the FRONT ROW SYS 8210 the last time it was on Woot. Its great, clear highs, the bass is not too boomy, and the design goes great with my setup. The next time I need speakers I’m definitely looking at Pinnacle.

There are actually 8 speakers in this design.

It was a joke.

Why as a Pinnacle Speaker Rep would you be buying from Woot? I havent seen you reply yet to all three reviews on Newegg with this particular model about B-Stock being sold as New! NewEgg is the best online retailer out there and would more tempted to believe it was Pinnacle pulling this than them!!Buyers be leery of this product!!

I bought this product recently and it is FANTASTIC! This is my second Pinnacle purchase and I bought everything for my apartment at school and love them. The sound quality is great and everyone who comes over is impressed. This is a great product at a great price!

I think you have a legitimate question about the question, and one person pointed to avsforum, but I can’t find anything there yet, so we’ll see what the rep says. On the other hand, sales reps from the product being sold show up occasionally (like the last Pinnacle sale) to answer questions, so that’s a legit reason to be here and is definitely not a new thing to woot. Like last time, woot likely will distinguish their posts (like saying [INSIDER] next to the quality post section above for responses).

Would it be difficult to add a Sub to this setup? What would it take?

I recently bought the Pinnacle FRONT ROW SYS 8210 for 269 here at Woot. The 8210 SYS is the same soundbar but includes the wireless subwoofer.

I’m really hapy with the product. I’m no audiophile, but IMO the sound is crisp clear and the bass is deep and clean. Now, do I think the system is worth almost 800 as they claim? No, but for the price I paid I’m way more than happy.

A very nice plus is that their products are made in the USA and this company had been around since the 70’s and their warranty exceeds the industry standard. I don’t think a family owned company gets to be in business for that many years without putting out quality products. But that’s just my opinion.

The negative I found with my system is that sometimes the volume gets “stuck” when I switch between sources. A quick switch to the previous source and back to the intended source fixes it.

Maybe the Pinnacle rep can shine a light into my small problem.

Ultimately, for the $ you’ll pay; you will not find a better sound upgrade to your flatscreen.

I think you misunderstood. We are here on a Sunday in the USA to assist with customer questions and or clarify issues. For 37 years this is the kind of personnal and direct assistance we offer. We linked to a comment posted just the other day on the FRONTROW8210 system here on woot.

As to NEW EGG CANADA, We absolutely never offer B stock, and even if we were it would be clearly stated. Product is shipped factory fresh from our factory in NY. Here is another site selling the item in Canada:

Here’s the link for you: