Pinnacle PCTV HD Card

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Pinnacle PCTV HD Card
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Pinnacle PCTV High Definition PCI Tuner Card

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This supports Clear QAM!!! awesome, I’ve been looking for that, what an awesome price I’m definitely in.

monday blody monday… ain’t that the truth… i have a feeling this woot will get murdered and be sold out within the half day… good stuff… also, here are the comparison shopping links… as usual.

Wow a launch woot


how does this compare to my usb sabrent tuner i got a while ago?

Someone tell me if this is a good deal. It looks that way right now.

So who knows about these cards?

It’s been a while for a woot launch, nice.

Awesome deal - a product launch, i’m in for one…

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ps: I think I’ll be buying at least one. I’m reading good things (that is how good i am, i already am looking at reviews).

please note that the reviews aren’t for this specific device. =/ just realized that.


Cool a woot launch

Very interested. Curious if it has included software to capture included ?

Worried about past pinnacle software flaws.

I want one, but my hi-def big monitor computer is a 24" iMac… not gonna work…

Damn, why can’t these pinnacle products be Mac compatible?

Believe it or not I bought one of these at Best Buy on Friday. They had them on sale for $48 (from original price of $80) along with other Pinnacle TV cards. I was thinking about using the card in my PVR system since it was at a good price and had a QAM tuner. However I could not find ONE single bit of information on it or confirmation of its existence online, so I decided to return it. I guess the “Woot Launch” thing explains that, but I wonder why BB had them at the store?

Anyone know if this card does hardware encoding or software encoding?

Smokin Deal…I got the HD Pro Stick last time and have been very happy. Clear QAM sealed the deal for me. I am in for two.