Pinnacle PCTV HD Card

I have a Mac and this will not work on a mac,
good night woot

It’s a shame it’s not Mac compatible.

MCE 2005 and Vista MCE DO NOT support QAM. Hoes does this card support Clear QAM? Does it use a hacked driver, or does it only support clear QAM with other applications?

Until you know, be careful buying it if QAM is your goal.

“comes with FM antenna”

Uh, would this antenna be bringing in the HD signals, too?

This only works with OTA HD broadcasts…

would this work with digital cable?

Sounds pretty cool. So it pretty much turns your computer into a TiVo?

very tempting…i could use a second ATSC tuner for my media center PC

Does yours do HD? Support HD through cable? Those are probably the main differences

I know right?

An item that is available on woot before anywhere else.

I’m about 99.9999% sure the answer is no, but is there any way to get this to work in a PCIe slot?

does this work the same as a tv tuner? and if i dont have HD can i still record tv?

Compatible with Linux? More specifically… Compatible with MythTV?

I’m down for one. I hope i’m not disappointed.

vista compatible?

This is very tempting. My PC is already a media PC but doesn’t have a HD card.

3 questions

  1. What is “free hd tv”

  2. do you need an extra service/program to get the scedule sink to record you favorite shows.

  3. Will this work with 64-bit Win XP

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Just got a USB one from the linkage on Passwird…