Pinnacle PCTV HD Card

Is this compatible with vista 64bit?

would this fit a pci express slot on a laptop or no

So wait, maybe I should already know, but… Between the S-Video and the coaxial, wheres the HD?

I wouldn’t hesitate, except the LAST TWO Pinnacle products I’ve bought from Woot (one also being a Launch) have disappointed me completely. I honestly haven’t used them after the first week. I think I’ll pass this time.

Anyone got the details on Linux and MythTV support? I’m definitely, possibly for two if it supports MythTV.

if i owned a desktop i would buy one almost immediately.

If you so choose you can use this to record tv to your computer for later… or for youtube, whatever.

GREAT woot.

The wootlaunch rocket doesn’t look very stable… I’d say it’s about to crash and burn.


I’ve seen the compatible cards from ATI and Hauppauge, both priced at $129 - this looks like a great deal…

Why is it that there seems to be no tv tuners that support component input? Even this one only supports s-video and composite. I currently hook up my game consoles using a s-video input, but the deinterlacing makes it look pretty bad

If it wasn’t pinnacle i’d buy it honestly. I lost all faith in pinnacle after their horrible video editing software they developed vomits. Honestly if you are planning on making your very own tivo like thing then go for it, this looks like a decent product for such. I suggest Knoppmyth as a FREE and OpenSource solution, giving you a great user interface not even matched by the big brand names. Good luck. Solid woot.

It must be late… I almost bought one for my laptop. LOL

It would be HD through the RF connector, either antenna or cable…

i got one! woot!

Meh. My Nvidia 8600GT can already do this.

oh my god!! this is exactly what i’ve been looking for!
TV tuners that only get normal cable cost more than this, even more than twice this price. and they always say that you will need to get a box thing in the future, but i don’t know if you even need that with this. i still can’t believe this!
oh, but i’ve read that a lot of people use tv tuner cards with Linux and programs like MythTV, so i’ll ask is it compatible for all those people.

I was being facetious … anyways, does anyone know of a good INDOOR antenna to use with an HD tuner or a unit like this one?

I rent and can’t have any outdoor antennas. I live just far enough away that my indoor broadcast antenna wont pick up 1-2 stations near the metropolis, one comes in very clear, the rest suck. I know HDTVis slightly different (go/no go) but does anyone have this situation? If I can get a “Yeah, I use XXXXX and its fine” then I’ll buy this

PS Yeah I have cable too, now…but want the HD from local…HD on Time Warner sucks because half the time it is compressed to hell

what i am wondering also

I’ll pass too.

looks like a solid woot, too bad my resources are tied up for a while

damn you payday, damn you to hell