Pinnacle PCTV HD Mini Stick for Mac and PC

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New Pinnacle PCTV HD Mini Stick for Mac and PC, for $69.99 + $5 shipping
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These are great when you move from computer to computer. For instance, if you’re not sure if you’ll need it on a laptop or desktop - or mac or pc, etc.

horrible reception, and, techbargains, etc, have the ultimate for same price.

The review score average on Alatest is really low. 36 out of 100 to be exact.,2/

The snail is a rocket scientist!

Same price on tigerdirect what are they doing they forget to lower price

What good is a vehicular roof-mount antenna when ATSC can’t handle the doppler effect, yet alone variable multipath distortion.

The rocket snail is awesome.

So is this an antenna or is this a storage device to hold shows from your DVR? Or is it both? Very confused.

It’s a USB TV Tuner, plug it ito your PC or Mac and you can watch and Record HD TV on your computer.

Here it is on Ebay

Here it is on

I don’t think Tiger even carries this one? this is the mini stick that also works on a Mac, the Ultimate stick does NOT work on Mac

Finally, one for a MAC! I’m in.

I wonder if it’s just basic cable, or extended (HBO, Showtime, etc)

Do you have to have cable in you house to do that or would I get TV on my computer even if I was at a Starbucks?

Neither really. This is a tuner. This combined with Antenna (one included but sure not the greatest), will allow you watch HDTV (and normal SD TV as well for a few months at least). There is software included which is less then stealer which can allow you to record programming on your computer’s hard drive… Most people that been that are happiest with it, avoid the software as much as possible.

That is a different product (the woot one is mac compatible). Also, with shipping, woot is cheaper.

works with digital cable / unencrypted QAM, which means no HBO or Showtime…

I got the ultimate in a woot release a few months back for something like $90. The ultimate works very well. Great reception and great picture. I can’t really speak to this exact model but from the other comments thus far-not so good? I wouldn’t blame woot for other vendors having good deals right now though. Other companies are going out of business if they don’t do something drastic to bring in some sales. The competitors will eventually go out of business and woot will remain strong as our valiant source of great deals. I still love you woot