Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick

One thing I didn’t see in the description is that there’s no support for Vista 64-bit, just for a 64-bit processor. I’ve seen less than complete info on several products purchased now.


Got mine friday, been playing with it all weekend. Works great on Windows Vista Home Premium-- I didn’t even have to install a driver of any sort, simply plugged it in and away it went. I live outside Charlottesville Va and was able to get 12 digital channels (abc-1,2, cbs 1-2, fox 1-2, NBC-1,2,3, PBS-1,2,3), two in HD, and that is with the supplied antenna. I did, however, have to go through the manual add process to find several of these channels, however, since WMC’s program guide didn’t have listed that several of these stations are already broadcasting in DTS and didn’t autotune to them. I had to go the station websites to find the physical channel address for these stations, but once I had that info they were easily manually added.
Only drawbacks are that Windows Media Center doesn’t allow for tuning of analog channels and included remote doesn’t work with it. You have to use the Pinnacle software for those functions. All in all I’m very happy with it. Picture quality is extremely nice, especially OTA HD.

If you believe you’ve received a product not as it was described, feel free to get in touch with Be sure to include your order number.

There is no red piece on the antennae base, just a screw that is way tooo small for the antennae that was in my box.

INstalled it today.

I’m getting exactly 0 digital channels.

Time to wage combat with their shitty support forums with very unfriendly mods.

The Beta 4.9.2 of PCTV helps. It’s suppose to use your RAM in a more efficent way. You do lose some of the fuctionallity though. I’m getting 10 digital with about 8 working pretty well with reasonablly strong signal. I had to attach the anntena to a metal cabinet. I notice if the HD signal is weak the screen freezes when you try to change the channel. Remote definitly works better with this version.

What drivers did you use for your tuner cards??? Everyone was saying such horrible things about the pinaccle software that I just let windows find drivers. I’m trying to ssetup my media portal server now though, and the software isn’t finding my card.

Ok, I’m trying to install mine. I’m entering the Serial number Exactly as it is on the CD sleeve. The software is telling me it’s not a valid number. What now???

Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick High Definition USB TV Tuner

Any idea where my product might be? Woot claims it’s shipped, FedEx says “Package Data transmitted to FedEx” on February 25, but nothing else since. I know SmartPost can be a bit… reserved with its information, but this seems a bit ridiculous.

Just got mine about 4 hours ago…spent 3 hours trying to get drivers to get it to work…have 64-bit Vista Ultimate…no luck…Pinnacle Customer support doesn’t even deserve to be called “support”…not quality product at all…disappointment…

Edit: iuVCR works, although it’s a 30 dollar program, and you have to download drivers for 64-bit from you want it to run…doesn’t work with Vista’s Windows Media Center if it’s a 64-bit OS…but the picture quality is astounding!

Try the other disc

am I the only one that hasn’t received their woot?

The fedex tracker hasn’t been updated at all eighter

Is anyone able to record in ipod format? Mine wont let me with th tvcenter pro.

Mine is up and working fine… BUT…

Vista is recognizing it as a second Local Area Connection, meaning that it’s doing a number on my wireless connectivity (i.e. not allowing it at all). This is not a cute thing. The reason I have a notebook is for wireless, the television was a separate and ancillary use.

Anyone having wireless problems with this new software installed (regardless of whether the adapter is plugged in or not)? Figure out a solution?

I’m surprisingly having more luck with the pinnacle software at the moment than other options (specifically media portal). The pinnacle software has found all of my analog cable channels after I plugged it into my coax outlet, and I flipped through a number of them, and the signal is just as good as on a regular tv. I haven’t played around with the recording options at all yet, but am going to either tonight or tomorrow.

When trying to pull up any channel with media portal, it freezes my computer up.

I’ve been able to get it up and running on Ubuntu using MythTv. It is only working for OTA digital channels but that’s all I was looking for. Send me a message if you have questions about how to get it running on a similar setup.

Still waiting on any word, tracker just says “package data transmitted.” I’ve bought stuff that was SmartPost before with no problem, I’m starting to get very frustrated here.

I had lots of trouble installing software from the included CD (on XP Media Center) , so I went to the Pinnacle support web site, and downloaded the intall from there. Worked much better, and I am now seeing what I think are most of the local OTA HD broadcasts available. So, a little trouble, at first, but that seems pretty standard these days.